Apr 30, 2021
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Sandu prepares to become the ruler of Moldova

Photo: President of Moldova Maia Sandu

In the photo: President of Moldova Maya Sandu (Photo: Vadim Denisov / TASS)

President of Moldova Maya Sandu signed a decree dissolving parliament, early elections will be held on July 11. According to her, this decision will allow citizens to choose a new composition of the legislative body, which will serve the interests of the people and the country. Sandu is confident that her compatriots will follow the right path to create a developed and democratic state where people will live in peace and prosperity.

“We need to put an end to the chaos in which the outgoing parliament kept us as soon as possible, after the elections we will appoint a responsible government that will support a stable parliamentary majority.”, – RIA Novosti quotes her.

For confirmation of the right to dissolve parliament and hold early elections, Sandu appealed to the Constitutional Court at the end of March – after the deputies failed to form a government twice within three months. In mid-April, the Constitutional Court acknowledged that the president can do this and must decide on the date of the elections.

At the same time, earlier, due to the state of emergency introduced from April 1 to May 30 due to the coronavirus, they could not dissolve the parliament. On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court, on the initiative of the pro-presidential Action and Solidarity Party, recognized the introduction of the state of emergency as illegal. According to politicians, the legislature violated the order in making this decision.

Note that the party of the former president of the country, which has a majority in parliament, Igor Dodon PSRM accused Sandu of an anti-constitutional conspiracy and demanded her resignation. Dodon himself called the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve parliament a “constitutional coup.”

Commenting on Sandu’s actions, Dodon said that the PSRM is ready to confront this political challenge and prove that the socialist electorate is reliable, morally strong and understands very well who and what it represents in domestic and foreign policy.

“President Maia Sandu, guided by petty political ambitions and an irrepressible desire to increase her faction in the next parliament at any cost, initiated a very dangerous experiment: starting today, for the first time in several decades of modern history, Moldova has been left without a functioning parliament and government for an indefinite period of time.

In addition, the emergency regime introduced by the parliament at the end of March this year was canceled. As a result, the government was deprived of the authority to promptly make the necessary decisions in the fight against the pandemic, economic and social crises. By overturning the emergency regime through a controversial decision of the pocket Constitutional Court, the president and her party overturned the government’s earlier numerous initiatives to support the population and economic agents, including 100 percent compensation for COVID-19 treatment drugs delivered to their homes, interest coverage for loans for economic agents and many other critical steps during a pandemic, economic and social crisis “, – he wrote on his Facebook page.

– There was a legitimate parliamentary majority in the country, reflecting the will of the majority of the country’s population – notes executive director of the Moldavian branch of the Izborsk club Vladimir Bukarsky. – In the conditions of a pandemic and economic crisis, it was necessary to solve the urgent problems of the country, and not throw the country into an election fever. In my opinion, the mistake of the parties that made up the parliamentary majority – PSRM and Pentru Moldova – is that they did not dare to form a full-fledged parliamentary coalition.

“SP”: Dodon has already stated that this is an anti-constitutional coup. At the same time, he said that he was “ready to give battle.” Dissolution of parliament is not beneficial to the socialists?

– The dissolution of parliament is not beneficial to anyone except Maia Sandu, Renato Usatii and behind them the ambassadors of the United States, Romania and the EU countries. Their goal is to reformat the political field of Moldova for themselves, to cleanse it of all the forces that stand for friendship with Russia and oppose the further Romanization of Moldova. Nevertheless, the socialists are objectively the largest center-left force advocating the preservation of Moldova’s statehood, against its entry into NATO and its absorption by Romania.

“SP”: – Opinion polls showed a slight advantage in favor of Sandu. The socialists would like to drag out the elections until the fall, so that the president’s rating sags under the weight of unresolved problems. Does this mean that Sandu can defeat and completely take over the country??

– Sandu believes that she is now on a horse, especially after the unanimous support she received from the West. However, much of what it stands for – in particular, the replacement of the Moldovan language in the constitution with Romanian, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, confrontation with Russia on the issue of Transnistria, and much more – is causing opposition from a significant part of the country’s population. And in the course of the election campaign, these very issues will become aggravated. The question is which of the camps will outweigh.

“SP”: Will the elections be transparent? Will there be a bias in the opening of sites in Russia and in the West towards the West?

– Given the colossal pressure from the West, one should assume massive falsifications in favor of the PAS party, the political project of Maia Sandu. In particular, in the Moldovan diaspora on the territory of the EU countries, the USA, Israel and other countries.

“SP”: What are the threats to the victory of the Sandu party?

– If Sandu wins, it will mean complete integration of Moldova into the anti-Russian Baltic-Black Sea arc, or “Intermarium”. This means that another angry and stinking anti-Russian dwarf will appear in Eastern Europe, this time on the banks of the Dniester.

“SP”: How should Russia react to all this? Do we have any leverage?

– Of course, there are levers. First, it is necessary to show that Russia is not indifferent to Moldova, that this country will be in Russia’s priority attention, at least in the coming months. Russia should clearly declare that it stands for the independence and neutrality of Moldova, against any external interference in the affairs of this sovereign state. In recent months, the Russian Foreign Ministry and Rossotrudnichestvo, we must give them their due, have been paying increased attention to Moldova.

Secondly, it is necessary to convince the Moldovan diaspora located on the territory of Russia to take an active part in the Moldovan elections. The leaders of the Moldovan diaspora in Russia should receive a clear signal that the country in which they live and work is not interested in the passage of unfriendly forces to power in this country.

And thirdly, it is necessary to convince the residents of Transnistria that they will not hide behind the banks of the Dniester from the problems in Moldova. That everything that happens in Moldova concerns each of them. All residents of Transnistria who have Moldovan citizenship should take an active part in the elections to the Moldovan parliament.

In the photo: in Pridnestrovie they want to live with neighbors from Moldova in the world, but at the same time they do not compromise their independence from their neighbor who is striving for Romanian embrace
In the photo: in Pridnestrovie, they want to live with neighbors from Moldova in the world, but at the same time they do not compromise their independence from a neighbor striving for Romanian embrace (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev)

– The fact that early parliamentary elections in Moldova will take place this year was clear from the moment Sandu won the presidential elections, – explains Moldovan political scientist Ilya Kiselev… – In Moldova, a parliamentary republic, the presidency does not represent special powers if the head of state is not backed by a parliamentary majority. Maia Sandu could only count on the support of her PAS party, which had only 15 out of 101 seats in parliament. Sandu is counting on the wave of success in the presidential campaign to increase the number of MPs supporting her.

With regard to the timing of the elections, for different parties, different dates are the most favorable periods for elections. And if for the existing parliamentary majority such a period is autumn, then for Maia Sandu this period is unacceptable for a number of reasons. Considering the stake that was made in the upcoming voting on the European diaspora, which showed itself so clearly during the election of Sandu, it is in the interests of the president and her PAS party to achieve the lowest possible voter turnout in the elections within the country. And this happens in Moldova during the summer months. At the same time, the parties that currently make up the parliamentary majority tried to postpone the elections until the fall precisely in order not to give advantages to the president and the PAS party.

“SP”: Who do you think has the best chances in the upcoming elections? Has Sandu managed to lose her supporters during these months?

– Sandu’s rating showed a downward trend, but the fact that she still achieved the dissolution of parliament will undoubtedly benefit her. In my opinion, the PAS party will manage to get up to 35 mandates in the upcoming elections, no more. I think that the Party of Socialists will be able to repeat its result at the last elections – now they have 37 mandates.

“SP”: If the socialists win, what will happen to the country? The same as it was under Dodon, when the president pulls in one direction and the parliament in the other?

– In my opinion, in the next 10 years in Moldova, no political party will be able to win a parliamentary majority alone. In parliament, everything will be decided through the creation of coalitions.

“SP”: If Sandu’s party wins, Moldova is lost to Russia?

– With the victory of the Sandu party, we can safely say that Moldova will be completely under the external control of the US and the EU. Moreover, Sandu and her party, having fulfilled this function, will be replaced by other proteges of the West. Such parties, consisting of representatives of Western NGOs, have already been registered in Moldova this year.

In the photo: Transnistria are ready to defend their independence from Chisinau with arms in hand, as they did thirty years ago
In the photo: in Transnistria they are ready to defend their independence from Chisinau with arms in hand, as they did thirty years ago (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev)

“SP”: How important is Moldova today in relations between the Russian Federation and the West? Obviously not like Ukraine. Is bargaining possible?

– Of course, Russia’s interest in Moldova is much less than in Ukraine. This is natural and understandable. The only serious factor keeping Russia interested in Moldova is Transnistria, the overwhelming majority of whose citizens also have Russian citizenship. Any bargaining on this issue is hardly possible, because Russia cannot but protect its citizens living on the left bank of the Dniester.

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