Sep 5, 2021
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Sands about the boy who corrected Putin: "I imagine what he had to go through"

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about the boy who corrected Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I can imagine what he had to go through,” he said.

This is how the president’s press secretary commented on the incident that occurred at an open lesson in Vladivostok. Peskov took pity on the student who was publicly censured for his remark.

Imagine what this poor boy had to go through

– he noted, speaking on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

The incident took place on September 1, when Putin was meeting with schoolchildren at the Okean children’s center in Vladivostok. The head of state, talking about the history of Russia, made a reservation, calling the Northern War the Seven Years. A schoolboy from Vorkuta noticed the mistake and corrected the president.

Putin was not at all offended by this tactful remark and thanked the boy. However, the director of the school where the boy is studying, found his act arrogant. She stated that children should be humble. They should not correct “people in position in society.” The liberal media, on the contrary, decided to make the boy a “victim of the regime” and began to prophesy Kolyma to him.

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