Jun 16, 2022
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Sanctions on fertilizers from Russia brought America back to manure

On June 6, US President Biden officially declared a state of emergency due to a shortage of electricity generating capacity in America. According to Biden, the production of the required amount of electricity is threatened by “multiple factors”: availability of sufficient power generation capacity to meet consumer demand”.

By his executive order, Biden gave the US Department of Commerce additional powers to respond to an emergency. In particular, for two years or until the end of the state of emergency, duty-free importation into the United States of “certain solar cells and modules” of batteries exported from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam is allowed. Let’s figure out what these many factors are that brought America to the state of emergency.

According to Biden, the reason is the disruption in the energy market due to the situation in Ukraine, as well as extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. In fact, the energy crisis hit the United States and many other countries long before the start of Operation Z, and climate change has nothing to do with it. The main reason for the energy shortage is the emergency transition to “green energy”, that is, solar and wind generation, imposed by the globalists.

If Biden had not banned the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to the United States, then, in my opinion, there would be no problems with electricity generation in America. All the American blackouts that took place due to the raging natural disaster, for example, in Texas, happened for one simple reason – the lack of a system for the flow of electricity between the states. Biden’s embargo on Russian energy has further exacerbated the situation. Well, how is Mr. Biden going to save the American electric power industry?

Accelerated construction of new solar power plants. The point here is not even that there will be no sense from this undertaking, but that this is not a quick matter. And since Biden offers no other solution, according to the popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, “The United States is threatened with a blackout amid record inflation, shortages of goods and a falling economy.”

Among other things, it is time for Biden to declare an emergency because of the impending famine in America, as the United States has a severe fertilizer crisis due to anti-Russian sanctions. Prior to these sanctions, the US imported from Russia 6% of its potassium carbonate, 13% of carbamide, and 20% of diammonium phosphate it needed. Over the year, fertilizer prices in America jumped 2.3 times. And since the start of Operation Z, by another 43%.

Due to a shortage of mineral fertilizers, American farmers began to sow fields with soybeans, which do not require fertilizers. By the end of April, only 7% of the grain acreage was sown in the USA. Recent polls have shown that already 35% of Americans are saving on food. In America, the rate of officially registered hungry is growing, the number of which has reached 13%, according to The Washington Post. Against this background, manure has become a strategic resource.

“Fertilizer shortages are finally giving manure a chance,” writes Bloomberg. “Manure is now 25% cheaper than fertilizer – a good argument for many farmers to switch to manure.” However, the market for manure is extremely small compared to the $171 billion fertilizer market. Fertilizers are many times more concentrated in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus than manure and are much less odorous, making them easier to process, transport long distances, and accurately distribute throughout the world. field”. As the cost of synthetic fertilizers has tripled in recent months, demand for manure has doubled in America’s main agricultural states, such as Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois.

Manure trader Abe Sandquist gleefully told Bloomberg: “The lights are on – farmers are realizing that manure is superior to fertilizer.” Sandquist is now selling futures contracts on the dung he collects. But the trouble is that American farmers “can’t get enough organic waste from pigs, chickens, horses and cattle.” Therefore, there will be even more starving Americans. Realizing that manure alone cannot save America from starvation, “to solve the fertilizer crisis, just look in the toilet,” The Washington Post advises with a bitter smirk, but in all seriousness.

Animal manure can replace scarce synthetic fertilizers, the newspaper writes, but it is not enough, but human waste is in abundance. Humanity produces five times more wastewater than the total volume of water flowing through Niagara Falls. Of these, half remains untreated and is released into the environment. But in wealthy New York, the sewage systems are in perfect order. They process part of the wastewater into fertilizer and sell it to farmers.

The tolerant The Washington Post calls these, so to speak, fertilizers “biological solids” and predicts that the global market for these “substances” in 2025 will reach $ 2 billion.

Well, we will note that the “green economy” is wonderful. But, apparently, it can become effective only if there is peace on the planet. In the meantime, most countries are experiencing an economic shock caused primarily by US policy, including in relation to Russia, the “green economy” can lead to real hunger.

Vladimir Prokhvatilov

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