Sep 15, 2021
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Sanctions are reaching a new level. Europeans may be banned from observing Crimea

EU sanctions seem to be taking a new level. Now, not only Russians, but also residents of Western countries risk falling under them. Europeans may be banned from observing elections in Crimea at the official level.

This initiative was put forward by the MEP from Lithuania Petras Austrevičius. He proposes to impose sanctions against citizens of EU countries for the fact that they work as independent observers in Crimea, according to a RIA Novosti source in the EP.

In this context, the European Parliament and national parliaments should impose sanctions against actions that may be falsely presented as foreign observation,

– reads his amendment to the draft report on relations between the EU and Russia.

Note that the report itself was also prepared by a Lithuanian politician. Its author is the former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius. He once again calls on European countries to impose sanctions against Russia in order to contain Moscow.

It is noteworthy that foreign observers will not travel to other regions of Russia this year either. The OSCE previously refused to send observers to Russia, as Moscow did not agree on the size of the delegation of 500 people. The Russians did not understand why they needed so many observers, if the organization sent only 30 people to the elections in the States. Experts are already saying that the West is preparing in advance not to recognize the elections in Russia, acting according to the scenario already worked out in Belarus.

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