Jun 23, 2022
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Sanctions against Russia – protests against layoffs in Poland

In Poland, after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, a witch hunt began. Salad company forced to shut down in Warsaw Maga Foods. The building of the firm was disconnected from electricity, its bank accounts were frozen.

Employees of the company protested at the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the headquarters of the ruling party “Law and Justice” with the slogans “Give us back our jobs!”, “Let us work!”, “Where is the law and justice?”.

Management Maga Foods submitted documents excluding the participation of Russian capital in its activities, but this did not affect law enforcement officers.

“Which Russia? In a company that has been making salads in Davidki near Warsaw for thirty years? How can there be support for Russia’s aggression in Ukraine? It’s just that no one from the government wants to admit a mistake,”

– said the head Maga Foods Piotr Pavinsky.

Part of the capital of the Dutch branch Maga Foods belonged to one of the Russians, but under the threat of sanctions, the Dutch bought the Russian share. But in Poland, apparently, they are punished even for past cooperation with the Russians.

The head of the movement for the interests of farmers “AgroUniia” promised to intervene in the matter Michal Kolodzeichik. “The situation must not be allowed to take its course and I will not allow it, our people will not allow it, we will be with you to the end”he assured Maga Foods employees.

Poland is at the forefront of Russophobic forces in Europe and is already paying the price for such a policy. Trade between border Polish voivodeships and the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation has been stopped, prices for gasoline and electricity are rising. Measures taken by Poland to provide economic support to Ukraine are hitting Polish businesses. AgroUniya stated that the intention of the authorities to allow the import of Ukrainian grain would turn into a disaster for Polish agriculture.

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