Mar 30, 2021
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Sanctions against "Nord Stream – 2" didn’t help. "Academician Chersky" headed for Denmark

The US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 did not help, despite all the efforts of the American senators. The Russian pipe-laying vessel headed for Denmark, in whose waters there is an unfinished section of the gas pipeline.

This follows from the data of the MarineTraffic tracking system. The service shows that “Akademik Chersky” is leaving Kaliningrad and heading towards Denmark.

It should be noted that Akademik must complete the construction of the first branch of the offshore section of the gas pipeline. Another Russian ship, Fortuna, is engaged in the second branch.

Even during the reign of ex-President Donald Trump, the US authorities began to impose sanctions on companies and ships that are at least indirectly related to Nord Stream 2. After Joe Biden headed the presidential administration, the policy of sanctions pressure continued. Recently, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Washington is ready to toughen sanctions in order to disrupt the project.

The pressure on Nord Stream 2 has caused contradictions between the United States and Germany. Berlin is interested in the construction of a gas pipeline and is defending its right to conduct an independent energy policy. German politicians have repeatedly called on overseas partners to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Europe.

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