Feb 16, 2021
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Salma Hayek said she cried during the bed scene with Banderas

The Hollywood actress admitted that on the set of Desperate in 1995, she burst into tears during a bed scene with Antonio Banderas. She reported that she had not been warned in advance that the shooting would be so open.

Salma Hayek said she cried during the bed scene with Banderas

Recently, Salma Hayek became the heroine of Dax Sheppard’s podcast. In the conversation, the talk ran about filming in “Desperate”, where they participated in the bed scene with Antonio Banderas. The actress reported that she had been told in advance that a “special scene” was to come.

As a result, Salma was so embarrassed that she burst into tears, but neither the stage partner, nor the director Robert Rodriguez pressed her, vis-a-vis they tried to cheer her up and make her laugh. And when Hayek burst into tears, Banderas got scared and said that he felt terrible.

“In the end, I cleaned the towel for a couple of seconds and cried again. However, in the coffin, we managed. We did the most important thing that we could at that time, ”recalls the artist. She added that all the time she was filming the scene, she thought about what would happen when her father and brother saw it.

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