It became known what salaries the players of “Salavat Yulaev” will have in the season 2020 / 21. This is reported by Betting Insider.

The total salary fund will be 700 million rubles. Of these 90, Finnish forward Teemu Hartikainen will receive a million rubles. At the same time, taking into account bonuses, the amount may increase to 115 million. Finn is the club's highest paid hockey player. It is followed by Juha Metsola and defender Philip Larsen, whose earnings for the year will be 80 million. Captain HC Grigory Panin will receive 45 million rubles.

Salaries of Sakari Manninen and Nikita Soshnikov will be 60 million rubles , Dmitry Kugryshev and Alexander Kadeikin - 45 million rubles. Everyone else will receive significantly less.