May 15, 2021
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Sadalsky voiced the reason for Drozdova’s departure from Sovremennik

Showman Stanislav Sadalsky said that Olga Drozdova left the Sovremennik Theater due to a change in leadership.

Sadalsky voiced the reason for Drozdova's departure from Sovremennik

Olga Drozdova recently announced that she was leaving the Sovremennik Theater. This news shocked her sighs, as if the artist had served in the theater for over 30 years. Her husband Dmitry Pevtsov hastened to explain on social networks that the woman had filed a letter of resignation not because of internal reasons in the theater, but because of a desire to devote herself to raising her son.

The situation was commented on by the actor and showman Stanislav Sadalsky. He believes that Olga Drozdova left Sovremennik due to a change in leadership.

“A mediocrity was appointed to Sovremennik. It is no coincidence that Olga Drozdova retired from the theater! Everyone is unhappy, “Stanislav Sadalsky said in a commentary to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The artist believes that after the death of Galina Volchek, who headed the Sovremennik for 40 years, the theater was buried in chaos. At the beginning of last year, the theater was headed by Viktor Ryzhakov, whose candidacy did not cheat many.

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