Feb 13, 2021
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Sadalsky criticized Loboda’s behavior on the infant “Voice”

On Friday, Channel One showed the initial release of the eighth season of the show “Voice. Children”.

Sadalsky criticized Loboda's behavior on the infant

In this one, the project was mentored by Yegor Creed, Svetlana Loboda and Vse. Showman Stanislav Sadalsky was outraged by the singer’s behavior on the project.

He considered Svetlana Loboda drunk, and her frisky appearances on the stage, in his eyes, were only to demonstrate a suit with an open neckline.

“Well, Loboda has a very beautiful chest! Agree !? In the next issue, I propose to sit naked in a chair, ”wrote Stanislav Sadalsky in an individual Instagram account.

Other mentors of the show also got it. The artist considered that they remembered not to bliss with infant creativity, but to get their portion of PR.

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