Feb 17, 2021
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Sacred tattoo and a wife who left “Ivanushka”. 5 facts about Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko is the most famous Russian basketball player not only in our country, but also overseas, where he spent more than ten years in the NBA. Kirilenko finished his playing career at CSKA in 2015. In the same year, he was elected president of the Russian Basketball Federation, which he heads to this day.

Broken arm in the camp

For young men, Andrei Kirilenko often went to a sports and health camp in the village of Turgosh. There, young athletes trained and had some rest. Once a trouble happened to the future basketball star, which even influenced his career. This is how Kirilenko himself recalled this.

“Once in a quiet hour I went to watch TV. And he was punished: he went to collect garbage in the forest. I got a full wheelbarrow. Branches stuck out from above, and I, standing on the wheelbarrow, decided to tamp them with my feet. But the car turned over, and I suffered a displacement fracture of my right arm. Our coach, upon learning of this, was shocked. After the fracture, the hand healed incorrectly. And because of this, my throw is somewhat different from the rest. But it cannot be said that this injury ruined my career and I did not become a sniper gaining fifty points per game. And the cart is still in the camp, they say, one of the main attractions. Everyone is shown: “Do you see the notch? This basketball player Kirilenko broke his arm … “”

Burnt house in the USA

Another trouble, already more serious than a broken arm, happened to Kirilenko in 2017 in Los Angeles. During forest fires, the fire crept up to the basketball player’s house and destroyed it. Moreover, Andrei himself and his family were at the scene. Here’s how he told the Bleacher Report about it:

“It was crazy. Fortunately, I was at home with my family. I flew in for the weekend but was a little late on the trip. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and saw that the entire mountain not far from the house was on fire. I’ve seen hell on earth. It looked like the end of the world.

I don’t spend much time in Los Angeles. Most of the time I am in Russia in connection with my work at the RFB. But I came for the weekend and the decision to extend my stay was kind of magic. In theory, I shouldn’t have been there on the day of the fire.

At first I thought that the fire would not reach us. But after the evacuation, we watched television and saw that our house was on fire. I am reminded of the things that my family members decided to take at such a critical moment in their lives. My elder son Stepan brought school supplies and homework with him. My daughter of Alexander took a coloring book, and mine son Fyodor took hockey equipment. My wife collected documents and passports. The last thing we grabbed was dog food. We stayed at the hotel for several hours. But then I started receiving calls from numerous friends, and we stopped at one of them. “

He married the red-haired girl “Ivanushka”

Andrey Kirilenko’s wife Maria Lopatina – ex-girlfriend of the most popular singer Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov… According to the basketball player, there was no misunderstanding between him and the redhead from Ivanushki when the girl left one for another.

“We met Marusya at the“ Basketball of the Future ”event. At first we had a working relationship, at that moment she was just meeting with Andrei Apollonov. Thus, from “Ivanushki”. I would not say that I behaved dishonestly, I did not act meanly. We are still friends with Red, now families. When everything turned to the level of a serious relationship with Masha, I told her that she needed to talk to Andrey, to decide something. They talked and parted. Everything happens in life. “

Curiously, at the beginning of their life together, Maria received much more than Kirilenko, who was just becoming a star in CSKA. But this did not stop the athlete from laying out $ 300 for a bouquet of flowers for his beloved. And the money turned out to be the last savings of a basketball player.

Starred in a movie

In 2020, Andrei Kirilenko took part in the filming of a movie for the first time. It happened thanks to friendship with the director of the series “Unprincipled” by Roman Prygunov

“This is my first experience. And, one might say, accidental, – he recalled in a conversation with Match TV. – It’s just that we’ve known the director of this series, Roman Prygunov, for more than 15 years, we maintain friendly relations. And he offered to film with him. Moreover, I live on Patriarch’s Ponds, the story is right.

It is clear that I am not an actor; it would be as naive to expect some kind of talented game from me as I would from Roman – some advice in basketball. But he is a high-level director, and somehow we quickly found a common language. On the one hand, he did not expect anything outstanding from me, on the other, I got an interesting experience.

Cameo is a common practice where famous people appear in a movie or TV series in a small episode. Still, I wouldn’t call it a role.

The film got 30 seconds, and we filmed them for about three to four hours. Not that difficult, but long. I am still a typical athlete, I wanted to get things done quickly and go home. It’s just that there are no takes in sports like in the movies. I like it. It’s nice that it turned out to be a good project, and I took part in it. “

Full back tattoo

In May 2011, during his performance for Utah, Andrei Kirilenko got a tattoo on his entire back, but he doesn’t really like to talk about it: the work has a sacred meaning. “I don’t think I got myself a tattoo. The result is a real picture, a work of art. I talked to the master later. He himself said that this is not a tattoo, but a small masterpiece “- these are rare words about a tattoo.

There are only a few pictures on the web with Kirilenko’s naked back, in which the picture is visible. It depicts a level 80 paladin from the computer game World of Warcraft, which he loved to play.

“It is played by 20 million people around the world. Now, of course, I spend much less time at the computer. But earlier … Once in CSKA they gave two days off, so I spent 36 hours in front of the monitor. I just played and ordered food at home, ”admitted Kirilenko.

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