Jan 5, 2022
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Saakashvili’s new ultimatum

It is not known what will happen if the ultimatum is not fulfilled.

Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who on the eve of the onset of 2022 was transferred from a military hospital back to the prison in the city of Rustavi, put forward further demands to the authorities, as his lawyers told reporters.

Saakashvili demands to return to him the possibility of communication with the outside world, and with the observance of confidentiality. Today, lawyers complain about her absence during meetings with their client, which is contrary to the law.

“We do not have the opportunity to conduct written communication. Saakashvili only has the opportunity to leave something on the table before leaving. If these problems are not resolved by January 6 and the Penitentiary Service continues to violate the rights of a political prisoner in complete disregard of the law, he will resort to extreme forms of protest. In what form this protest will be, I cannot clarify at this stage, ”

– the human rights activist told reporters Shota Tutberidze

Saakashvili’s second demand is to admit a group of independent doctors to him in connection with a sharp deterioration in the prisoner’s health.

According to the executive secretary of the opposition United National Movement party Koba Nakopiya, the third president of Georgia is in “good political shape”, but his health is severely undermined, he is weakened, continues to lose weight, despite the fact that he ended the hunger strike. Nakopiya is sure that Saakashvili needs a consultation with a neurologist, while the Georgian authorities are only thinking about “harming his health.”

And the third demand, which Mikheil Saakashvili conveyed through his lawyers, is to create a temporary commission of inquiry in parliament, which would study the facts of inhuman treatment of him within the walls of the prison. Saakashvili is ready to provide all information on the “inhuman treatment” personally.

Opposition MPs have already responded and declared their readiness to contribute to the creation of such a commission. And the UNM deputies, who had previously left the parliament in protest, even agreed to return if such a commission is created.

The chairman of the Georgian Dream party is not against such a commission. Irakli Kobakhidze – he is sure that the commission will establish: in relation to the prisoner “There was no mistreatment”… However, Kobakhidze is categorically against considering Saakashvili’s ultimatums.

“We are not interested in statements and ultimatums. We have our own agenda and we will act accordingly. We will only do what we think is necessary “,

– warned Irakli Kobakhidze.

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