Nov 3, 2021
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Saakashvili from prison calls for overthrow of power

“We must take to the streets and start a revolution”

Two days have passed since the municipal elections in Georgia, in which the opposition United National Movement party suffered a complete defeat – out of 20 municipalities, it won only one. For two days the ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili refrained from speaking, but finally conveyed a new message to his supporters through a lawyer Nikolosa Gvaramia

Saakashvili’s main demand is to seek new early parliamentary elections. The appeal is not original – after every elections in Georgia, the losing side demands new elections.

“I am very angry and insulted, all self-respecting Georgians should be angry and insulted. Elections in all major cities were stolen in front of us, we won these elections, and a group of bandits who seized power in Georgia snatched this victory out of our hands, robbed us and deprived us of our main right – to be the masters of the country ”,

– Gvaramia read the ex-president’s appeal to the crowd of gathered supporters.

Saakashvili proposes to follow the example of Ukraine and Armenia, the peoples of these countries took to the streets and staged “revolutions”, after which they were able to “defeat” the oligarchs, who were all “on the side of the Russians”, and, therefore, “agents of the Kremlin”.

The third Georgian president also has an answer to the question – what to do?

“We must take power away from the ruling party, can’t we really do this? We must take to the streets and make a revolution, “

– Saakashvili honestly admitted, noting with regret that his supporters had little time left, it was necessary to act quickly, in many cities at once and “a lot”

In addition, he called on his supporters in parliament to lay down parliamentary mandates, since parliament is larger “Does not function as a government platform”, citing the leader of the Lelo party as an example Mamuku Khazaradze, who refused the parliamentary mandate the next day after the elections.

However, according to the political scientist Vano Machavariani, boycotting parliament and moving the struggle to the streets is a wrong choice, Georgia’s Western partners are unlikely to approve of such a step, moreover, this is a “long-passed topic”.

“Being a political actor and not being a part of parliamentary processes is a little strange. Neither the international community, nor society takes this step. I think this is done on an emotional background. This system must be fought from within, and for this there is a parliament to carry out a political struggle there. I don’t think that only the street will be an effective mechanism ”,

– said the political scientist.

Nevertheless, on Monday several deputies of the UNM party resigned their parliamentary mandates and announced their readiness to move the struggle onto the street. They were unlucky – on Tuesday morning, Mikheil Saakashvili admitted that he had lost his temper and made a new appeal – not to surrender the mandates, but simply to boycott the parliament. It is still unknown whether those who hastened to lay down their mandates will return to parliament.

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