Sep 15, 2021
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Saakashvili from Kiev provokes the Georgian military

In response, they ask the former president not to involve them in political games.

Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvilibeing a citizen of Ukraine and being in Kiev, he is doing everything possible to aggravate the already difficult political situation in Georgia, where municipal elections are scheduled for October 2.

This time, the fugitive president turned to the military, urging them to take an active part in “Saving the country” and stating that “The current government is destroying an army that this government does not need”

“Friends, we must together prepare for the change of this usurper power. Georgia must be saved. I appeal to you as our servicemen, whom we are proud of, but above all as citizens, we must all prepare ourselves to fulfill our civic duty to actively participate in the elections. Georgia needs help now. I hope for your patriotism, and, of course, our heroes, veterans of the armed forces. Everything will be fine”,

– urged Saakashvili in his next video message.

In his opinion, these elections should become a real referendum on the issue of whether early elections to the Georgian parliament should be held.

As a reminder, back in April, the ruling Georgian Dream party signed the proposal by the head of the European Council Charles Michel the agreement, one of the points of which read: if in the local elections “Dream” does not gain 43%, then early parliamentary elections will be called. However, at present, the “Georgian Dream” withdrew from the agreement, which caused harsh criticism of the “Western partners”.

The current head of the United National Movement party and candidate for mayor of the capital of Georgia Nick Melia provokes Saakashvili, declaring that in the place of the ex-president he would not be afraid of prison and would definitely come by election day to ensure victory for his party.

“If I were in his place, I would have already been to Georgia, I would definitely have come. I will not hide, I told him this many times. The return of Saakashvili, who founded UNM almost 20 years ago, should be an act of our moral superiority, “

Melia convinces.

The military asked Mikheil Saakashvili to refrain from such statements, because this is not just a statement, but a specific appeal designed to involve the military in political games.

Former Commander of the Georgian Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Vladimir Chachibaya recalled that under Saakashvili, the army was used in the elections in the interests of the ruling party, then it was the UNM party: all commanders were under pressure and they did not have freedom of choice when voting. Today, the army is separated from politics, and the military will vote as they see fit, Chachibaya said.

Defense Minister of Georgia Dzhansher Burchuladze considers such statements by Saakashvili aimed at “Discrediting and politicizing the army”, which is unacceptable.

And the deputy of the “Georgian Dream” Shalva Papuashvili I am sure that all these appeals by Saakashvili will end in nothing – he will not dare to return to the country where he will face a prison sentence of at least 6 years.

Meanwhile, the “People’s Movement” created for the return of the fugitive president to his homeland already has 40,000 members who are concerned about organizing a meeting with Saakashvili at the Tbilisi airport.

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