Oct 12, 2021
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Saakashvili asks for help from the international community

Lithuanian politicians intend to defend ex-president of Georgia

Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who is serving a sentence in Rustavi prison, appealed to the international community to respond to the violation of his rights by the Georgian government.

The ex-president’s address was published on his page on the social network Facebook

Saakashvili reminds that according to Georgian law “any person detained on the basis of an active or ongoing case must be immediately brought to court.”

Recall that only four criminal cases have been opened against him, in two of them sentences have already been passed in absentia, it is on them that Saakashvili was sentenced to six years in prison. Another new one is added to the four criminal cases – illegal crossing of the Georgian state border on September 29.

“I have been in jail for nine days without a hearing and my lawyer was told today that no hearings are expected in the coming weeks. There is an obvious attempt to keep me out of the public eye ahead of the planned runoff. The authorities fear that my appearance will cause a wave of public outrage. I hope you will not leave this case of imprisonment without trial unnoticed, “

– Saakashvili’s letter says.

While in prison, Mikheil Saakashvili went on a hunger strike from the first day of imprisonment. His personal physician Nikoloz Kipshidze believes that the health of the ward has deteriorated sharply and he needs to be hospitalized.

The doctor told what he had never said before: Saakashvili has a rare hereditary blood disease – thalassemia – in which fasting is contraindicated.

However, the ex-president himself is sure that the declared hunger strike is the only form of struggle left to him by “this regime”.

His supporters are more concerned with the question of how long a “prisoner” can be an active fighter, if in ten days of imprisonment he lost 12 kilograms, as his lawyers assure.

They also took care of the fate of Saakashvili in Lithuania. Lithuanian MEPs Andrius Kubilius and Rasa Yuknevičienė, the ex-Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Deputy Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with the South Caucasus (DSCA) declared the criminal cases against Saakashvili political, that “Incompatible with the status of a country associated with the European Union”

“This is clear evidence that the leadership of the Georgian Dream again cannot overcome the temptation to politicize justice, which is incompatible with the principles of the rule of law. The personal attacks of the Prime Minister and the leaders of the ruling Georgian Dream party against the leaders of the opposition parties and the achievements of the Rose Revolution are simply disgusting, ”

it says in the letter of MEPs.

In response, the ruling Georgian Dream party advised everyone to understand: Saakashvili has long lost his political power, this is a past stage in the country’s history, his political career, at least in Georgia, is over.

Well, as for Andrius Kubilyus, he is a friend of Saakashvili, not Georgia, recalled one of the leaders of the ruling party, a deputy Guram Macharashvili

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