Sep 8, 2021
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Saakashvili again promised to return to his homeland – they do not believe in Georgia

The fugitive politician will have a prison cell with a collection of ties, the prime minister recalled

Georgia is preparing for the next elections – this time to local self-government bodies, which are less than a month away. In the elections scheduled for October 2, the struggle will again unfold between the ruling Georgian Dream party and opposition forces, the main of which is the United National Movement party (party Mikhail Saakashvili).

And the ex-President of Georgia himself, and now the head of the Committee for National Reforms of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili, announced that he would definitely arrive in Georgia by the day of elections, so that “Put an end to walking in the same circle”… He probably meant the ruling party’s victories in all elections in recent years.

“I am not afraid that they will arrest me, I am sure that the Georgian people will free themselves, and they will free me too. I am not afraid to hand over my fate to the hands of the Georgian people. You know that a criminal case has been initiated against me, which has not been recognized by any country in the world. I travel everywhere, they accept me everywhere, and nowhere does anyone ask questions about the so-called “criminal cases” brought against me in Georgia. This is clear evidence that these cases have been falsified, ”

– Saakashvili said in his next video message to the people of Georgia.

He also called on all Georgian citizens living outside its borders to give up all their affairs and return to their homeland to take part in the elections, which, as Saakashvili assures, Georgian Dream will again try to falsify.

The Georgian authorities have already responded to the statement of the third president and reminded that the judiciary has long awaited him in his homeland, and also asked not to forget that from now on he is a citizen of another country – Ukraine.

“A citizen of Ukraine should not interfere in the affairs of a country of which he is not a citizen and has voluntarily renounced its citizenship. However, it is up to him to decide, and let him make whatever statements he wants and how he wants to behave. Of course, he expects that his statement will create tension, but in Georgia people are tired of tension and aggression, “

– noted the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Kakha Kuchava

Deputy of the parliamentary faction “Lelo – Partnership for Georgia” David Usupashvili believes that the Georgian authorities should send a plane for Saakashvili, since he is eager to return to his homeland, and send him to prison, where he belongs, “that would be a state approach.”

And the prime minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili promised Saakashvili a comfortable camera and a collection of ties, recalling that the next statement of intention to return to Georgia is the seventh in a row over the past ten years.

The Georgian Dream does not believe that the ex-president of Georgia will have the courage to return. The UNM party does not particularly believe in this either, but they believe that the authorities are opposed to the return of the fugitive politician.

“Georgian Dream” opposes Saakashvili’s visit so that he cannot continue the reforms that he began many years ago. I do not exclude that there will be many obstacles and even arrest ”,

– Eki Kherkheulidze, a deputy of the UNM, predicts.

She is convinced that Saakashvili’s arrival will ensure the UNM’s victory in the municipal elections.

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