Jul 21, 2021
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Rzeczpospolita: Poland harmed itself again

Poland made the wrong choice again by blocking the EU-Russia summit

“There has been a lot of talk lately about how Poland and the Baltic states managed to humiliate France and Germany, nip in the bud the idea of ​​President Macron and Chancellor Merkel to hold an EU-Russia summit, modeled on the recent meeting between Biden and Putin. The Polish leadership announced its victory: there will be no negotiations with Putin, “

– the daily Polish newspaper reports Republic

Rzeczpospolita: Poland harmed itself again

The publication reminds the words of the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who assured that the idea of ​​the summit was initially meaningless and Poland could agree to a meeting only in one case – “If Russia abandons its aggressive policy towards its neighbors”

According to the author of the article Lukasha Gazalo (Lukash Gadzala)Poland has once again made the mistake of making the wrong choice. It was impossible, without thinking, to refuse the offer of Berlin and Paris. The correct decision would be to support this initiative, in which case Warsaw would have every chance to somehow influence the course and result of such negotiations. And the fact that Poland and the Baltic countries managed to block the holding of the EU-Russia summit only at first glance looks like a victory, the author is sure.

“There will be no European meeting with Putin, but Emmanuel Macron has made it clear that he does not need any summit to talk to the Russian president. Angela Merkel also maintains a dialogue with the Kremlin, in addition to her, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Finns, Austrians and many others are engaged in this. Warsaw cannot and will not be able to influence their negotiations, in contrast to negotiations at the EU level, however, it successfully blocked the idea of ​​holding the summit, ”

– explains Gadzala.

He reminds that for Warsaw the basis of survival in the modern world is precisely diplomacy. Therefore, negotiations must be conducted with everyone – not only with France and Germany, with the countries of the European Union and the United States. It is also necessary to talk with Russia, at least in order to discuss the differences and disagreements between the countries, which are becoming more and more every year. And the lack of dialogue with a huge and strong neighbor cannot be the right choice for any country, the newspaper emphasizes.

However, today Poland is so weak that it cannot negotiate with Russia on its own. In this case, negotiations within the framework of a pan-European dialogue, which Warsaw so zealously blocked, would be very helpful, although they could have influenced its content.

“This is a common truth of politics at the international level: small and less powerful countries are rarely listened to, so it is easier for them to pursue their interests with the help of international institutions. They can only gain influence on real politics by being part of a larger group. Unfortunately, everything will end as usual. France and Germany will continue to talk with Putin, but once again we will not be at the negotiating table, ”

– states Republic

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