Jun 14, 2022
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Rzeczpospolita 2.0: Poland is coveting the lands of Ukraine, the Czech Republic is not against it

Rzeczpospolita 2.0: Poland is coveting the lands of Ukraine, the Czech Republic is not against it

Photo: Christoph Soder / dpa / Global Look Press

Executive Director of the Václav Klaus Institute Jiri Weigl was surprised that the Czech Republic supported Warsaw’s likely plans to create a “new Polish-Ukrainian Commonwealth.”

In an article for iDNES. cz, he wrote that Warsaw wants to seize the opportunity to restore its historical position in Ukraine. At the same time, according to him, Germany and Austria, relations with which Prague has given preference to recently, take a more balanced position in assessing the conflict.

“The government of the Czech Republic, surprisingly, zealously takes on the role of a kind of second to Poland, seeking to create a new Polish-Ukrainian Commonwealth, which would stretch from the Baltic to the Dnieper and the Black Sea,” the expert believes.

Weigl also expressed confidence that Prague should change its policy and start looking for compromise solutions to end the conflict.

“Three months later, it becomes clear that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for Ukraine to win the protracted conflict,” he concluded.

Interesting, but what is the compromise for the Czech Republic? And why is Weigl so worried about the possible strengthening of Poland at the expense of Ukraine? Why is this dangerous for his country?

Revanchist sentiments have existed in Poland for a long time, but only after the start of the Russian NWO, analysts began to seriously talk about the fact that Warsaw could snatch a fraction of Ukrainian territories on the sly. But will they help her become an “empire”? And how will Poland’s neighbors react to this?

“Of course, Poland has such plans, it is trying to become a great power,” I am sure Associate Professor of the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Foreign Regional Studies of the Russian State Humanitarian University Vadim Trukhachev.

– This is called the “Three Seas Strategy”, when the Poles create their own sphere of influence in the Georgia-Estonia-Slovenia triangle. Ukraine should become its “pearl”. This space includes, among other things, the Czech Republic.

“SP”: – What, in your opinion, is the role of Ukraine here?

– The role of Ukraine is to obey Poland and play the role of a battering ram against Russia. Still work as a supplier of cheap labor and raw materials, as well as a pipe. The best is the sales market. Everything, no other roles are being prepared for Ukraine in Warsaw.

SP: Do you really think Prague supports this? And why?

— There are different opinions in the Czech Republic. Before the current government of Petr Fiala came to power in 2021, the Czechs were very cool about the aforementioned Polish plans. But today ideological Russophobes are in power there. And in order to harm Russia, they are ready for almost anything. Including to support the Polish plans.

“SP”: – For the Czech Republic, the strengthening of the regional weight of Poland does not pose a danger?

– Of course it does. The Czech Republic itself aspires to become a kind of key power among the former socialist countries, being the richest of them. And until now, the Czechs among the former socialist countries were the last (maybe I will also mention Slovenia) who were ready to participate in Polish geopolitical initiatives. The Czechs have their own … She was completely unprepared to play a subordinate role in relation to Poland. Therefore, the current behavior of the Czech authorities is met with bewilderment by many in the country.

“SP”: – And what about anti-Russian solidarity? Can it outweigh everything else?

– It is for the current Czech government and outweighs everything. We are dealing in Prague with Russophobic fanatics – although, if you look at the results of any elections, they do not enjoy the support of the majority of the population. For all that, in general, the Czechs are not Russophiles at all.

“SP”: – Weigl also expressed confidence that Prague should change its policy and start looking for compromise solutions to end the conflict. What is the compromise solution for the Czech Republic? What is her interest here?

– Do not underestimate the Czech Republic. This is not a country that is harmless to Russia at all, it is not a state on which nothing depends, and which only dances to someone else’s tune. The Czechs play an active role in the development of EU policy in the post-Soviet space and in the Balkans. Being the richest of the former socialist countries, it has quite extensive economic interests that very often clash with Russian ones.

Finally, the Czech Republic is an alternative Slavic pole to Russia. Moreover, the pole, which has already fit into the Western project, with all its values. It is very active in Ukraine and Belarus, and, unfortunately, it is working quite successfully. Even more successfully than Poland, which sometimes behaves too rudely and emotionally.

The compromise for the Czech Republic is to stop the hostilities and the flow of refugees from Ukraine, from which the Czechs are already tired. This is the transition of “reduced” Ukraine into the European orbit of influence, from which the Czech Republic, being a Slavic country, could have both political and economic benefits. This is the restoration of relatively stable ties with Russia – even cold and suspicious ones … But, I repeat, Russophobic fanatics are now in power in Prague. And for them, “compromise” is a complete break with Russia.

“Historically, Poland has always been torn between the dream of a strong national state and the dream of an empire,” he said. political scientist Vladimir Mozhegov. – And against the backdrop of total Germanophobia and Russophobia. Today’s Poland is essentially a British project. London is solving its geopolitical tasks here to control Eastern Europe. Let’s remember the father of British geopolitics, Halford Mackinder: whoever owns Europe owns the world. Hence, the main task of British geopolitics has always been to prevent the union of Russia and Germany in any case, since such a union reliably and forever destroys British world domination. That, in fact, is the whole ins and outs of today’s situation.

It is worth adding that the problem of Ukraine, and Poland, and the Baltics, and the whole of Eastern Europe as a whole is being solved precisely by the union of Russia and Germany, and only by it. As for Poland, her activity can only lead to an all-European war. This was clearly demonstrated by the situation in 1939, when Poland, urged on by Great Britain, forced Germany to resolve the Danzig issue precisely by military means. The latter ended with another partition of Poland and a full-fledged world war. Thus, any activity of Poland is always deadly. Today Britain is throwing Poland against Russia. But, obviously, with the same distant sight. In any case, nothing good awaits either Poland or Ukraine along these paths.

“SP”: – Weigl seems to be worried about this. Strengthening Poland is dangerous for the Czech Republic?

– Today’s Czech Republic is even less independent country than Poland. But unlike Poland, it is also devoid of any national meanings. Historically, this is a quasi-state created by world freemasonry after the Great War to solve its purely utilitarian tasks, which have nothing to do with the Czechs themselves. But the Czech Republic rather expresses the interests of the European Union. Britain, on the other hand, would benefit from a weakened European Union that it could fully control. If the Czech Republic supports the ambitions of Poland, this indicates the weakness of the Czech Republic and the entire European Union.

“SP”: – And for the other neighbors of Poland? What will Germany say?

– Germany, I think, if it were free – and it is far from free, it is an essentially occupied country – it would be happy to do with Poland the same way as in 1939. And honestly, that would be the best solution for everyone. The Poles, alas, are too crazy and incapable of negotiating. The “puffy Pole” who is whispered about his world greatness is the club that the British will wield until it breaks. Or until it destroys half of Europe. On the other hand, Poland has indeed not been divided for a long time. And maybe the time has come again.

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