Sep 4, 2022
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“RV” showed footage of the work of combat aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the sky over the Kherson region

Photos from open sources

The Russian military continues to use aviation in battles in the Kherson region. The footage of the work of the Russian Aerospace Forces was published by the Russkaya Vesna news agency.

The fighter jets are delivering missile and bomb strikes against the Ukrainian military, who have launched a counteroffensive in the southern sector of the front. Sources say that combat aircraft are attacking Ukrainian troops to deter their offensive actions.

There have also been reports that strikes are carried out not only by aircraft, but also by attack helicopters. They were noticed in the Kakhovka district.

Recall that the RF Armed Forces have been conducting a “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine since February 24. Now the fighting is going on in the east and south of Ukraine. The Russian forces failed to reach the borders of the Donetsk region in six months due to the support provided by the West to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian experts believe.

Information also appeared that NATO specialists helped Ukraine in preparing the counteroffensive. The block can also provide UAF with intelligence data on the movement and concentration of Russian troops.

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