Aug 12, 2022
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RV: in the Baltics they want to close the Gulf of Finland for the ships of the Russian Navy

RV: in the Baltics they want to close the Gulf of Finland for the ships of the Russian Navy

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In accordance with the agreement between Estonia and Finland on the unification of the air defense systems of the two powers, the Gulf of Finland should be closed to the ships of the Russian Federation. This idea was announced on August 12 by the head of the Estonian Defense Ministry, Hanno Pevkur, in an interview with the newspaper Iltalehti. This was reported by the online news outlet

The Estonian Minister of Defense claims that such a situation will come when Finland fully enters the NATO military bloc.

“The two major Baltic powers must integrate joint coastal defense. The flight distance of Finnish and Estonian missiles is greater than the width of the Gulf of Finland. Therefore, our two states will unite their common missile defense system. In addition, we will share all military information with each other,” Pevkur said.

The head of the department also said: the unification of the Finnish and Estonian missile defense systems into one common system is undoubtedly “will allow closing the Gulf of Finland for Russian warships”.

“The Baltic will become an inland sea of ​​the NATO military bloc. This will happen as a result of the entry into the NATO military bloc of the states of Sweden and Finland. The situation in the region will change dramatically compared to what it is today,” the Estonian Minister of Defense expressed his confidence.

At the same time, Pevkur announced that the Estonian authorities had decided to purchase new weapons worth 800 million euros. In particular, this Baltic country plans to acquire American HIMARS missile systems.

On August 9, US President Joe Biden signed protocols on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. America became the 23rd member of the alliance out of 30 to ratify the agreements. The process is seriously slowed down by Turkey. On August 12, Ankara announced that Finland and Sweden had not yet fulfilled their obligations to extradite members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which the Turks consider terrorist.

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