Aug 19, 2022
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“RV”: during the NWO, the Russian army launches missile strikes on targets in Zaporozhye

Photos from open sources

Russian troops struck on August 19 in Zaporozhye. According to eyewitnesses, up to 8 explosions were heard, Russian Spring writes. Air defense was launched in the city. Footage of flying rockets, which were filmed by teenagers, appeared on the Web.

The head of the Zaporozhye region, Oleksandr Starukh, said that there were no deaths as a result of this strike. He promised to give details later. There is no information yet on how many missiles were shot down by the air defense forces.

The Russian Federation also launched strikes on Kharkov and Nikolaev on August 19. At the same time, there was information about artillery strikes in the Kharkov region.

Russia has been conducting a “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine since February 24, 2022. Western countries continue to supply Ukraine with weapons that it uses to strike Russian troops.

According to the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for March 25, in the battles on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Federation lost more than 1.3 thousand Russian soldiers in a month. Information about losses in the following months of the “military special operation” is not yet available in open official sources.

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