Apr 20, 2021
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Russophobia of the ex-president of Estonia was not supported either at home or in the EU

“He didn’t understand Estonians when he was president. And, moreover, he does not understand Russians and Russia ”

Former President of Estonia and now Professor at the University of Tartu Toomas Hendrik Ilves made a scandalous proposal to ban all citizens of the Russian Federation from entering the territory of the European Union due to the fact that any citizen of Russia threatens the security of the EU.

“Perhaps a ‘timeout’ is needed for any visits from Russia. Just freeze your visas except in emergency family circumstances. Europe’s security is at stake. Enough “,

– wrote the professor in his Twitter

Let us remind you that the ex-president is on the Russian “black list” as “a particularly Russophobic politician in Estonia”, and he himself is banned from entering Russia. Ilves has twice served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and since 2006, he has been President of Estonia for ten years.

However, the ex-president’s proposal did not meet with support either in the European Union or in Estonia itself.

The deputies of the Estonian parliament were skeptical about him, and the leader of the opposition party EKRE Mart Helme believes that one should not pay attention to the statements of the ex-president.

“He didn’t understand Estonians as president, he doesn’t understand international relations as well as an amateur analyst. Moreover, he does not understand Russians and Russia “,

Helme said.

He is sure that instead of looking for diplomatic ways to defuse tensions in Europe, Ilves is trying to aggravate relations between Russia and the West.

The comments of other deputies were just as unflattering.

“Maybe the season influenced the fact that the statements of the ex-President of Estonia became so bright and original – it’s hard to say”,

– said the deputy, member of the Center Party Oudekki Lone

Marko Michkelson, a member of the Reform Party, recalled that Estonia has “its own cross-border cooperation with Russia”, which will certainly suffer from such proposals.

MEP Neil Ushakov sure that “Tragedy the current relations between the EU and the Russian Federation is that the loudest critics of Russia’s actions are often people who, for various reasons, offer either stupid or immoral solutions. “

A MEP from Latvia Tatiana Zhdanok hopes that the EU leadership will not pay attention to Ilves’ proposal, and if they do, they will understand that “economic considerations will not allow doing this.”

They heard the ex-president of Estonia even in the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation and … invited him to visit – to discuss his crazy proposal on the shore of Lake Baikal.

“Let him come to Baikal, we are always glad to see him here. If he at our Baikal wants to talk about whether we want to go to Estonia, we will talk about it, but we will not go, because the best thing in the world is at Baikal, ”

– quoted by the local edition Deputy of the City Duma of Irkutsk Alexandra Kvasova

And the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko advised the former Estonian president “Talk with the leaders of countries such as Turkey and Greece about the importance of tourism and its Russian segment in particular”

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