Oct 17, 2020
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Russophobia doesn’t work. Author "hellish sanctions" calls for help

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While the whole world is following with interest the famously twisted plot of the presidential race in the United States, an equally epic battle is unfolding there, the outcome of which could become even more significant. We are talking about the elections to the American Senate, which will be held simultaneously with the voting for the president. Republicans, already having a precarious advantage in the upper house of Congress (53 out of 100 senators), unexpectedly find out that they can lose this majority. If both chambers of parliament come under the control of the Democrats, then even the victory of Donald Trump will not help the Republicans - with this outcome, he will simply be immobilized.

Unsurprisingly, Republican Senator Ted Cruz is already painting an apocalyptic picture: "I think we could lose the White House and both houses of Congress, which could be a Watergate-scale bloodbath."

Of the 35 Senate seats to be re-elected this year, Republicans are to defend 23, while Democrats only 12. This initially made the latter's chances of a change in status in the upper house more preferable. But given that in the United States, senators sometimes occupy their seats almost for life, then passing them on to their associates in the party, representatives of the Republican Party were not particularly worried.

Preliminary accounts showed that this political force has serious problems only in the ever-hesitating state of Colorado, where Senator Corey Gardner won the last election, beating his rival by only two percent. Now he is significantly inferior in ratings to the popular Democrat John Hickenlooper, the former governor. Accordingly, the Republicans did not really count on this state. But in return, they hope to reclaim Alabama, which was lost in the 2017 elections. There, their nominee, popular American football coach Tommy Tuberville, has a comfortable lead over current Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

Thus, until recently, many thought that the alignment in the Senate would not undergo changes after November this year. However, after the death of the famous Senator John McCain, another problem state appeared for the Republicans - Arizona, where the Democrats last won in 1962. According to current polls, McCain's associate Martha Maxalli (formerly a combat pilot) is inferior in ratings to astronaut Mark Kelly.

Several more have recently moved into the category of "suspended" states (where Republican senators are already on a par with their rivals). And the recent news that South Carolina, which until recently seemed to be an unshakably "red" region, became a bolt from the blue for the Republican Party.

Probably, for our supporters of the myth of the "change of power" in the West, it will be unexpected to learn that over the past 64 years only two people have been elected senators from this state - from 1956, in fact, until his death in 2003, Strom Thurmond invariably won there. up to a hundred years. And for the past 17 years, the notorious Lindsay Graham has been constantly elected senator from South Carolina (and always with a margin of more than ten percent).

The name of this "hawk" speaks volumes to the Russian public. It is Graham who is the author of almost all anti-Russian initiatives and bills in the Senate. It is he who constantly proposes to introduce "hellish sanctions" against Russia and personally against Vladimir Putin. It was he who took over from McCain's hands the title of "chief crusader" in the campaign against our country.

But it turns out that Russophobia is not being sold very well to the American voter. Unexpectedly for Republicans, Graham's previously seemingly indisputable leadership in his state has been nullified, and some polls already show that his Democratic rival - 44-year-old black lobbyist Jamie Harrison - is even ahead of the Senator. As a result, the headquarters of the Republican Party is forced to urgently send additional funds to the campaign in South Carolina, where none of the parties initially planned significant expenses due to the predetermined outcome of the election. It even got to the point that Graham called on the sponsors live on Fox News: "I am exhausted ... Help me, they are killing me financially. Help me." Straight cry of despair! And for some reason at that moment the "anti-Russian crusader" forgot both the Kremlin and Putin. It turns out that in the face of a humiliating election defeat, Russia does not seem so dangerous anymore.

In any case, during the election debate with Harrison, the South Carolina senator argued about the coronavirus epidemic, the appointment of Supreme Court justices, police brutality, but just not about Russia, which is Graham's eternal passion in his free time from election promises.

At the same time, at the national level, the senator again mentions Russia. But now he accuses us of interfering in the 2016 elections on the side of ... Hillary Clinton. And he cites the notorious "dossier of Christopher Steele", a former agent of the British MI6, who composed incredible accusations against Donald Trump and his "Russian connections." Both Trump and Russia have repeatedly stated that this "document" from beginning to end is a fake. That did not prevent it from being used as the basis for a scandal called "Russiagate".

And one of the main propagandists of this "dossier" was just Lindsay Graham. Not only that, he took credit for convincing McCain to turn this fake on to the FBI in order to launch an investigation against Trump. And now he claims that Steele's source was a "Russian agent" and the fake "dossier" was "a Russian disinformation campaign against the Trump campaign that worked." Following this "logic", Graham would have to admit: it turns out that he himself acted as a "Russian agent", since with his help Moscow achieved its goal. But the senator cannot go that far.

It is not surprising that the Democrats and their supporters, who recently glorified the anti-Russian escapades of the Republican senator, now curse him for no reason. Former adviser to the Clinton couple, Sidney Blumenthal, in the pages of the British The Guardian, even dubbed Graham "McCain's spaniel, who turned into Trump's poodle." This is about a senator who, on the eve of the 2016 elections, called on Trump to "perish in hell." And who called Trump's call for normal relations with Russia "shameful" and "frightening."

Now Graham realizes that without the support of Trump and the GOP headquarters, his campaign, which recently appeared to be a formal reappointment, is doomed to failure. And now he is screaming about another threat, which, as it turns out, is much more terrible than the "Russian" one invented by him. "They (Democrats. - Author's note) intend to structurally change the country so that it would be difficult for Republicans to elect a president. They are going to make DC a state by changing the balance of power in the House of Representatives and Senate. In case we lose the elections to the House, Senate and White House, a horror parade is inevitable, "Graham scares his voters. Just think, and Russia has nothing to do with it, it turns out.

Although there is no doubt that in the event of his re-election, Graham will start the old song again and again come up with some horror story about "insidious Russians". From election to election, she seems to feed the senators pretty well. And only during the campaign is it devoid of meaning - the voters are clearly not interested in the "Russian threat".

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