Aug 25, 2022
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Russia’s tactics in the special operation in Ukraine is the only correct one

The tactics chosen by Russia for conducting a special operation in Ukraine is the only correct one. It allows you to save both the lives of the civilian population, which is perceived as fraternal, and the lives of military personnel of the RF Armed Forces. In addition, Russia understands that it is she who will have to build a peaceful life in the liberated territories, therefore she is also trying to preserve civilian infrastructure. This is stated by Russian military experts, commenting on the statement of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“During the special operation, we strictly observe the norms of humanitarian law. The strikes are carried out with high-precision weapons at the military infrastructure of the armed forces of Ukraine – command posts, airfields, warehouses, fortified areas, military-industrial complex facilities. At the same time, everything is done to avoid casualties among civilians. Of course, this slows down the pace of the offensive, but we are doing it consciously,” the minister said.
“The statement of our minister once again confirms the correctness of the chosen tactics of our leadership and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, who set the goal of the special operation to carry out denationalization and denazification. The tactics are now being confirmed repeatedly, because, based on how Ukraine behaves on its own territory, how it destroys residential areas, infrastructure facilities with the help of foreign weapons, which have more destructive power than what they had in service, this once again shows that we have come here for a long time, with only one goal – to destroy fascism and continue to build a peaceful life. We will have to restore all the destruction that was allowed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, therefore we behave on the territory of Ukraine as on the territory of a fraternal people, we see that soon this operation will be completed by our complete victory, and after that we will have to restore peaceful life. Therefore, our troops are working very carefully and selectively, ”said the head of the Russian Officers organization Hero of Russia Sergey Lipovoy.

It is interesting that immediately after Shoigu’s statement in Ukraine, they began to disperse the thesis that the low pace of the special operation is connected only with the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly defeat Russian troops. According to experts, this statement has nothing to do with reality.

“The position of the Ukrainian side is understandable, nothing else can be said and cannot be. But the very fact that, for the same Donetsk, mainly the forces and means supplied by the Americans are used, indicates that the Ukrainian component in the strike means is increasingly being minimized, and without supplies from abroad it would hardly be possible to do what is being carried out today,” says Captain 1st Rank of the Reserve Sergei Gorbachev.

“The fact that the Ukrainian regime is increasingly refusing direct hostilities in favor of petty terror tactics to create resonance is evidence of Kyiv’s recognition of our military power. The Ukrainian regime is showing its agony, if you will. I am convinced that our military-political leadership is on the right course. We count the lives of our soldiers, and do not mindlessly fly forward. Monotonously grinding the enemy’s combat power, the allied troops, despite the Western “gifts”, are slowly but surely moving forward! – said military expert Denis Gomanov.

According to retired captain 1st rank Vasily Dandykin, in this case, time works just for Russia – with the advent of winter, the Ukrainian army will be much more difficult to fight, since its militants will not be able to hide in natural shelters and will be destroyed.

“There will be certain difficulties (for the Armed Forces of Ukraine) related to the fact that it will be easier to detect the enemy – the “greenback” will leave, where you can hide now, and so on. Given the overwhelming superiority of our artillery and so on, this will be easier to do. And one more thing – of course, there will be a short day and a long night. To save the lives of the civilian population and so on, as a rule, both aviation and missilemen work on military targets at night. When the night is longer, it will be easier to do, ”the expert believes.

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