Apr 18, 2021
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Russia’s retaliatory measures: 20 employees of the Czech embassy expelled from Moscow

Five diplomats will remain on the staff of the Czech diplomatic mission in the Russian capital.

Russia's retaliatory measures: 20 employees of the Czech embassy expelled from Moscow

On Sunday, April 18, the head of the international department of the Czech presidential administration, Rudolf Jindrak, reported to reporters that all the employees of the political department of the Czech embassy in Moscow were being expelled from Russia – twenty employees of the diplomatic mission were declared persona non grata. Thus, five diplomats will remain at the Czech embassy in the capital of Russia.

“Will stay there [в посольстве Чехии в РФ] five diplomats. People who should leave [из России], no agents [чешских спецслужб]… For them to leave [РФ], they are given 24 hours, and we have [в случае с сотрудниками посольства РФ] – 48 hours “, – TASS quotes the words of Yindrak.

According to Rudolf Jindrak, 16 diplomats and four technical staff of the Czech Embassy are being expelled from Russia. A special board of the Czech Air Force will be sent from Prague for them.

Earlier in the Czech Republic, it was announced that 18 employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague were being expelled from the republic. The reason for this was allegedly the fact that they are portrayed as officers of the Russian special services. The Russian Foreign Ministry formulated a protest from the Czech Republic and promised to take retaliatory measures to the “hostile step”.

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