Oct 15, 2020
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Russia’s international reserves decreased by $ 0.5 billion over the week

International reserves of Russia as of October 9 decreased by 0.09% compared to a week ago. On October 2, they amounted to $ 585.8 billion, on October 9 - $ 585.3 billion.

how should from the materials of the Central Bank, the highest value for the current year, the reserves reached August 7 ($ 600.7 billion). The regulator notes that the reduction in international reserves occurs mainly as a result of foreign exchange sales transactions under the budget rule.

As wrote, Russian international reserves in September lost $ 10.996 billion (1.85%) and amounted to $ 583.426 billion as of October 1. During the reporting month, foreign exchange reserves decreased by 1.23% to $ 444.309 billion. At the same time, the cost Monetary gold fell by almost 3.8% to $ 139.117 billion.

International reserves are highly liquid foreign assets held by the Bank of Russia and the country's government. These include foreign exchange denominated funds, Special Drawing Rights (SDR), IMF reserve position, and monetary gold.

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