Mar 30, 2021
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Russians will receive test results for COVID-19 on the portal of state services

Data on the results will be transmitted via secure channels from organizations that conduct analyzes to a special Rospotrebnadzor reference center and then to a personal account. On mobile devices, the information will be displayed in the form of a special QR code for easy reading. In addition, another important option will appear in the personal account on public services: the ability to download vaccination data for presentation at the place of demand.

According to the government, the decision on the possibility of obtaining information on the results of the analysis and vaccination was made following the results of a pilot project on processing test data, which started in November last year.

“It is expected that the new mechanism will save time in obtaining results, reduce the number of fake certificates, and also relieve citizens of the need to send results to Rospotrebnadzor on their own upon returning from abroad,” the government said.

Since January 2021, vaccination certificates have become available on the public services portal, which everyone receives the vaccine against COVID-19. To obtain an “immune passport” no certificates are required, all data is loaded automatically. It is assumed that this measure will help citizens at any time, if necessary, to provide complete information about vaccination. Moreover, such a certificate cannot be forged.

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