Aug 29, 2021
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Russians were named the best way to protect savings from inflation

Andrei Vernikov, head of the department for investment analysis and training at Univer Capital, in an interview with the Prime agency, called the Russians the best way to protect their savings from inflation.

According to him, it is worth focusing on investments in improving the quality of life. This can be education, real estate purchase, or health care.

The expert ranked the purchase of real estate, investments in tangible assets such as gold and silver, as well as in shares of growing businesses among the methods of partial protection against inflation.

At the same time, Vernikov warned that none of these instruments can fully guarantee protection against depreciation of the investment.

Earlier, the head of the representative office of the ANIF investment fund in Russia, Sergei Grigoryan, said when it is dangerous to repay a loan ahead of schedule. According to the specialist, this should not be done if there is no airbag. Grigoryan stressed that the family should have savings in case of loss of income or other unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, there is a risk that in case of sudden expenses you will have to take out a new loan.

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