Dec 29, 2020
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Russians’ interest in buying housing abroad grew by 50% over the year

The interest of Russians in 2020 in buying real estate abroad in order to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) or a second citizenship increased by 50%. In 2021, it will increase by another 15-30%, unless new restrictions follow due to the coronavirus.

About it report “News”. The publication notes that overseas property allows Russians to keep investments in the eurozone.

Also, Russians receive a residence permit in order to have freedom of movement in any situation, according to experts interviewed by the publication. In addition, many Russians understand that with the expansion of remote work opportunities, it is now possible to live on any continent.

Earlier reported that the United States of America became the most popular country for moving among Russian Yandex users (169,193 requests in 2020). Next come Canada (155 121) and Germany (131 161). They attract prospective migrants from around the world with migrant programs, jobs and a stable economy.

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