Sep 5, 2021
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Russians heard: The threat of migration can no longer be hushed up

One of the moderators of the round table, chairman of the board of directors of the Tsargrad group of companies, founder of the First Russian TV channel Konstantin Malofeev said that the problem of migrants was more than acute, opening the discussion:

Some departments, state and private companies allow themselves to make statements about the fact that it is economically impossible to exist without this very illegal migration … It seems to us that the question is in itself harmful. We can in no way put the economy at the forefront where it comes to the safety of our citizens and social guarantees … According to the UN’s basic forecasts, by 2050 there should be 120 million of us instead of today’s 147. In order to increase the birth rate, just support measures for mothers and large families are not enough, it is still necessary to provide fathers with work. It is impossible to have a large family with a working mother … And the father must earn enough for this large family. How will he do this if a migrant works at his job?

In addition to dumping in the labor market, an additional burden on the social sphere, changes in the ethno-cultural balance, the aggressive seizure of the most promising business areas by the diasporas and the ugly mass fights during the “division of the territory” of our cities by migrants, the situation with migrants poses direct threats to the national security of the country. This became especially obvious in connection with the development of the situation in Afghanistan, fraught with the appearance on the territory of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and, as a result, Russia of a huge number of “refugees” with a more than dubious reputation.

In Afghanistan, a situation of civil war that is now well known from our history, which is about to lead to colossal flows of refugees (the same Islamist fighters, like the Taliban, but of a different nationality) to Tajikistan, who, together with the opposition, will sweep away the regime of Emomali Rahmon, which is relatively loyal to Russia , trying with all his might to keep the Tajiks from invading Afghanistan to help “their own”.

The past civil war cost 9 million Tajikistan, according to various estimates, from 150 to 500 thousand victims. Accordingly, millions of refugees from there will flee to Russia to the Tajik janitors and builders who had previously settled there. And this is a guaranteed destabilization of our country – according to social, national and religious principles. This is where Central Asian migrants, of whom there are several million in the country, will play their role.

Migrants and crime

This idea was a red thread in the speech of the main speaker – the former representative of Russia at Interpol and adviser to the Minister of the Interior Vladimir Ovchinsky, who cited really deadly facts about how ethnic crime is increasingly spilling over into terrorism. In particular, in 2012–2014, the entire Moscow region was kept in fear by a gang of Central Asians who killed drivers on the highway. 17 people became their victims. But in the end it turned out that the killings had no selfish motive: the killers considered themselves “Islamic Jamaat” and were recruiting and sending terrorists to hot spots, who were previously “tied in blood” to the killings.

The speaker noted that urgent measures are needed to decriminalize the migrant environment and take it under full control (fingerprinting, biometrics) already at the border crossing stage, and not as now – within 30 days, during which the migrant will have time to “get lost” ten times. It is curious that the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed a package of necessary measures, but their consideration was assigned … to 2024.

Meanwhile, at the Eastern Economic Forum, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction said that negotiations were underway with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the delivery of migrants from there to Russia, not even by air, but by “charter trains.” And if ISIS * and other terrorists have already heard this, then they will certainly give a standing ovation: for with trains, unlike airports, serious control of visitors is impossible in principle.

However, even without them, the situation tends to deteriorate. In January-July 2021 alone, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1450 crimes of a terrorist nature and 687 crimes falling under extremism were registered in Russia. Last year alone, the activities of almost 240 “national” organized crime groups were suppressed in Russia. RISS researcher Sergei Galiev cited statistics for St. Petersburg: it turns out, numerically accounting for barely 4.3% of the city’s residents, migrants commit 11.9% of crimes there. That is, the level of crime in the migrant environment is several times higher than among the locals.

However, other countries have problems similar to ours. For example, the Americanist, professor at the Higher School of Economics Alexander Domrin gave interesting facts: it turns out that in the American Los Angeles 90% of arrest warrants for murder are issued for illegal migrants, 75% of especially dangerous crimes are also committed by them. 39% of California students are children of migrants. But the fact that “only migrants work in difficult jobs is a myth: only 2% of American illegal immigrants work in agriculture!

The eternal Russian question: “What to do?”

The fact that Russia is clearly not doing enough to prevent impending threats, noted in his speech, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Pyotr Tolstoy:

Politics are not words and statements, they are actions. And the time for developing concepts, discussions, centuries-old lamentations that we have no money, no opportunities, how can we offend someone, we are kind, good, we will accept everyone, we will warm up – is already over. References to Europe, its economic experience, as well as to the fact that we cannot do without migrants, are absolutely untenable … We need to move from words to deeds, we need to take tough measures. And for this … you need to build a chain of arrest for violation of the law of a citizen of another state: immediate fingerprinting, identification and in 24 hours expulsion from the country. If this is not ensured, all other measures will be ineffective.

Note that “toxic” migrants create a lot of problems not only for Russians, but also for their fellow believers in Russia. Thus, Albir Krganov, Mufti of the CRO of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the city of Moscow and the Central Region, stated with bitterness that the irresponsible and often simply criminal behavior of visitors from Central Asia creates in the eyes of the people of Russia a negative image of a Muslim as such. And this despite the fact that Muslims with Orthodox Christians and representatives of other traditional religions have lived together for centuries, respecting each other.

Thus, an important point is the division of migrants into “desirable” and obviously “toxic”. For example, about 1 million Ukrainians moved to Europe, from which there, unlike the Arabs and Negroes who came in large numbers, no problems arose due to the compatibility of cultures. So why shouldn’t Russia build its migration policy on attracting Russians from neighboring countries (if not by blood, then by culture) people? After all, there are up to 14 million of them left in the CIS countries alone, and all over the world – 40 million. You can not think about the lack of labor resources for another 20 years.

But for some reason they prefer to import foreign-cultural Central Asians, many of whom do not really know the Russian language. By the way, a very sensible proposal was made: how to accept fake certificates from people who do not speak Russian about passing the language exam, to pass them through the same USE passing through which our schoolchildren pass. Then everything will become clear with everyone.

The author of these lines also contributed to the discussion, saying that the very approach to migration policy needs to be revised, the meaning of which should not be in the maximum importation and adaptation of foreign cultural migrants, but on the contrary – in the maximum reduction of their number and influence, in the creation of all possible conditions for our citizens to work and feed their families.

Governors should report to the president not on how many migrants they brought in and where they use them, but on what measures have been taken to minimize their importation and prevent diasporas from crushing entire spheres of activity, which is now happening everywhere. The FAS should also have its say – for the monopolization of any sphere of activity of one of the diasporas is no different from the same monopolization by its commercial campaign, which means that the measures should be appropriate.

So what?

The migration policy of the state cannot and should not have the goal of maximizing the profits of migration lobbyists from construction and housing and communal services companies. First of all, it should be based on the interests and security of its own citizens, and everything that does not correspond to them should be resolutely swept aside, no matter what international “norms” and conventions are violated.

The former head of the self-proclaimed DPR, chairman of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, Alexander Borodai, agrees with such assessments, pointing out that in the person of arriving migrants we no longer have “former Soviet”, more or less close to us in terms of worldview, but their children and grandchildren who grew up in a completely different reality, brought up on different textbooks and absorbed completely different views. Often we are dealing with a mentality that was more characteristic of the early feudal, and even the tribal system. And it is difficult to say how all these people will behave if some kind of destabilization happens in a foreign country. Or simply if there are a lot of them in percentage terms.

As Konstantin Malofeev rightly noted, summing up the discussion:

Afghanistan, in fact, raised … the problem that existed before it. It’s just that now, because of him, we cannot be silent … Because when you have a big war on your doorstep, you can no longer cover your eyes with your paws in order to pretend that nothing is happening.

It is difficult to disagree with this. Almost all the participants of the round table agreed to some extent that the “ostrich” policy towards migrants is becoming a serious potential threat today. This means that the issue is not just ripe, but overripe long ago, and it must be resolved immediately. Until it’s not too late.

Vladimir Khomyakov

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