Dec 31, 2020
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Russians have taken loans for 2.6 trillion rubles since the beginning of the year

Since the beginning of 2020, Russian citizens have taken 11 million consumer loans totaling 2.6 trillion rubles. Last year, these indicators were increased by 27% and 11%, respectively.

This is evidenced by the data of the Equifax credit bureau, which leads TASS. The organization believes that the fall in the volume of consumer loans issued could have been even more significant, if not for the increase in the average amount of an individual loan. In November of this year, it was equal to 257 thousand rubles, which is 44% more than in November 2019.

4.5 million loans worth 543 billion rubles as of the end of November had arrears in payments exceeding 90 days. On average, each borrower in such a situation owes the bank 120 thousand rubles – 8% more than in November 2019.

The dynamics of the volume of issuances, which we observed throughout 2019, of course, slowed down, but there are also positive indicators that indicate a gradual recovery of the segment., – said the general director of the credit bureau Oleg Lagutkin.

Earlier cited data from the Federal Service of Judicial Attacks, according to which more than a million Russian pensioners have debts to credit institutions.

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