Oct 7, 2021
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Russians have nothing to do with it: British readers have found the real source of the gas crisis

British readers of the Daily Express have blamed their own government for the gas crisis. Despite statements by politicians and journalists, they came to the conclusion that “not Putin or OPEC” is to blame for the current situation, but the “spinelessness” of the leadership.

British readers of the Daily Express have drawn their own conclusions from the statements of journalists and politicians about the gas crisis. They noticed that now the US and the EU are forced to ask for help from Russia.

Journalists released material that gradually the gas crisis spread to the United States. Now President Joe Biden will have to turn to Putin for help. The rise in gas prices and the shortage of “blue fuel” may continue to spread throughout the world. Prices have broken a record in history. Energy shortages threaten millions of households around the planet.

British readers decided that only their own government was to blame.

A reader with the nickname OrinocoFlo suggested that the country’s leadership “grow up” and stop shifting responsibility onto other people.

“We need to build more nuclear power plants and abandon all these stupid wind turbines, because they are ineffective, they destroy nature, and they have a very short service life. And they cost a fortune, and they have to be subsidized,” he said.

“It is not OPEC or the Russians that are causing this problem,” Reader Rob5431 noted. “This spineless government of our own broke a promise to exploit the fantastic gas reserves beneath our feet when it flew away from the anti-fracing ecology crowd.”

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin named the reasons for the jump in gas prices. The President said that several unfavorable factors have developed at once. The first was the rapid post-crisis economic recovery and rising energy demand. Secondly, at the beginning of 2021, gas storage facilities were empty in many European countries due to the cold winter. Then, hot summer weather prevented the production of wind power. The fourth factor is the collapse of long-term contracts.

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