Jul 31, 2020
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Russians abandon up to 5% of the total volume of deposits

The volume of "dormant" accounts of private clients of domestic commercial banks is from 1 to 5% of the total volume of deposits of individuals. This was announced to by Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanova Elena Voronkova.

Such liabilities represent a rather profitable source for banks to place funds. At the same time, statistics confirm an increase in the number of such accounts, as well as an increase in overdue debt of individuals. As a result, banks are forced to divert more and more funds from turnover to meet the requirements for the formation of reserves for such risky assets., - said a specialist in financial relations.

Under Russian law, the search for owners of unused accounts is not the responsibility of banking institutions. Agreements on term deposits that have not been claimed for a long period of time are usually extended unilaterally, and then they are transferred to the category of “on demand” at minimum rates.

However, according to Elena Voronkova, considering the possibility of introducing this banking innovation, one should ask the question of how interested Russian commercial banks are in finding “missing” clients.

If, indeed, one of the reasons for the proposed procedure was concern for the client, who could in this case avoid penalties for the delay in their obligations, for example, for loan payments, then banks would already be more actively engaged in the search for such clients., - noted the associate professor of the Department of Finance and Prices of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanov.

She added that "the proposed one-year timeframe seems to be unconvincing for determining the unclaimed payment."

So, for example, in Switzerland, an account is considered abandoned if there are at least 500 francs left on it and has not been accessed for more than 60 years. And in the same USA and Canada, they begin to be interested in the fate of depositors, if depositors do not appear for two years, and specialized structures help the banks.

As already wrote, it became known earlier about the proposal sent to the Central Bank by Absolut Bank, which provides for the right of domestic credit and financial institutions to write off funds from the accounts of clients who do not get in touch, which makes it impossible to update information about them.

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