Feb 19, 2021
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Russian Tu-214ON aircraft to be used in the Arctic

General Designer of Vega Concern Vladimir Verba spoke about the possibility of using Tu-214ON airplanes. The aircraft were used under the Open Skies Treaty.

Russian Tu-214ON aircraft to be used in the Arctic

“Russian planes can be used for the military rounder in the Arctic region. Tu-214ON can be used to control the visibility of forces and objects, in mapping, for assessing ice conditions on rivers and seas. The aircraft can be useful for the implementation of the Arctic program, ”Vladimir Verba said.

The Tu-214ON onboard radio-technical complex is similar to similar equipment in the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft, but its characteristics “were deliberately roughened up to meet the requirements of DON.” The Tu-214ON aircraft was presented in 2013 in Vienna, where an international group of experts reported that it is the most important in the world, as if the technology introduced on it for the implementation of the Open Skies Treaty.

In January 2021, it was reported that Tu-214ON aircraft would be retrained for other tasks. Then they talked about the use of technical characteristics of technology for reconnaissance purposes.

In 2018 The United States did not put the Tu-214ON aircraft on noticeable flights within the framework of Don. No explanation was credited from the American side at that time.

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