Oct 8, 2021
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“Russian trace” in the “Pandora’s Dossier”: without Putin, but with his friends

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

There will be no organizational conclusions. The results of the investigation carried out by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) did not impress either the authorities or the citizens of Russia.

The Pandora Dossier tells about the offshore transactions of 46 Russians. So, Konstantin Ernst, who holds the post of general director of Channel One, allegedly turned out to be the beneficiary of an offshore company participating in a large-scale project for the reconstruction (or, more simply, the demolition) of Soviet-era Moscow cinemas.

A resident of St. Petersburg is mentioned in the dossier Svetlana Krivonogikh, who, allegedly in her youth, was closely acquainted with the current president. The intrigue, of course, is not in the fact of dating, but in the fact that the lady allegedly found an apartment in Monaco, worth $ 4.1 million at 2003 prices. In addition, a curious coincidence: the firm engaged in this real estate allegedly served and Gennady Timchenko, which needs no introduction.

Among the influential offshore companies from the dossier is a State Duma deputy Grigory Anikeev… At least two companies from the same islands are allegedly related to Anikeev, but they are registered in the name of his brothers. So, formally, the deputy does not violate the law.

Relatives Oleg Tkach – a member of the Federation Council since 2004, United Russia, according to the dossier, allegedly owns three offshore companies: in Cyprus, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. It is assumed that the owner of one of the companies is allegedly his wife.

Former Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, MP from “Fair Russia” Alexey Chepa allegedly there were offshores in the British Virgin Islands and real estate in London for more than $ 30 million. The politician himself claims that this is a legacy of the times when he was doing business.

These are only the most famous persons involved in the Pandora Dossier, except for them on the list – children, cousins, mother-in-law and other relatives of influential businessmen and politicians.

It is possible, of course, that the published data is part of a global provocation designed to destabilize something. And there is nothing criminal in the actions of the domestic nouveau riche, after all, offshore companies are not prohibited. But it’s a little strange to read about transactions worth tens of millions of dollars, taxes from which the state has not counted, while the tax authorities block bills for underpayment of several thousand wooden ones for ordinary citizens. Perhaps the relatives of members of the Federation Council or deputies of the State Duma acted in strict accordance with the law, acquiring luxurious mansions in London or Nice through offshores, but against the background of the fact that the minimum wage in the country is raised by only 825 rubles (this is less than 12 US dollars) and It is estimated that three million citizens will be grateful for such an attraction of unprecedented generosity – such actions raise questions from an ethical point of view.

And netizens were also puzzled by this:

“Where Soros, everything is not easy, there is money and interests. Published those who are not interesting to him, the rest of the “interesting” must have been offered an entrance ticket to the club, ours would not resist, anyway the money is not theirs. Yes, and the information was apparently not published for a long time, they were bargaining, maybe that’s why we have new taxes recently and many other extortions? They fight off unforeseen expenses, ”dvoku.1991 suggests.

“The Kremlin has one argument – since all this was leaked to the CIA, it does not channel, even if it is true :)” – believes Ivan the Honest

“Now they quickly recognize the investigation as extremism, business-like. A whole social group is offended, have mercy on the poor politicians, ”writes an anonymous user.

This one he looked into the water. Kremlin by mouth Peskova informed that there was nothing “like that” in the dossier. “We did not see hidden riches there. So far, we have not seen anything special. The only thing that really catches the eye is the demonstration of which state has the largest gaps – this is the United States … So far, we are talking simply about some such statements, it is not clear on what basis. This, of course, is not a reason for inspections, ”said the press secretary. But no, as they say, there is no trial.

But this, perhaps, is the whole reaction from the authorities too. And the people, judging by the above comments, reacted rather sluggishly.

– It is difficult for people to perceive such information. It causes internal dissonance and presupposes some kind of action, and this comes into conflict with opportunistic culture, – explains the lack of a violent reaction to revelations sociologist Lev Gudkov… “In addition, until the“ Pandora’s dossier ”was widely disseminated, the central channels either ignored it, or presented it in a negative way, questioning its credibility. Or they focused on exposing politicians from other countries. In a conservative environment, the impact of this information will be neutralized and will not cause any reaction. But among young people: in social networks, telegram channels, the dossier will be widely discussed. I cannot say that this will lead to some kind of performances, but it will become erosion, gradually undermining the power.

And here political scientist Mikhail Delyagin questions the relevance of the information itself:

– On the fence, you know, there is also a lot of things written! After all, there is no evidence of the authenticity of the stated facts. There are only known names and assumptions. The dossier contains incriminating evidence on 330 politicians from 91 countries of the world. Including 35 current and former heads of state. In terms of the number of personalities mentioned in the dossier, Russia occupies an honorable second place. The first is Ukraine. Well, at least in some ways she is the first.

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