Sep 16, 2022
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Russian special operation in Ukraine, September 16. On-line translation. Day 205

Russian special operation in Ukraine, September 16.  On-line translation.  Day 205

Photo: Evgeny Yepanchintsev/TASS

According to Leonid PasechnikThe Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance on the territory of the LPR along the entire front, but to no avail. In the Izyum-Slavic direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to establish several crossings over the Oskol. Our fighters, dug in on the left bank, engage in battle with enemy DRGs forcing the river. A new strike by Kalibr on hydraulic structures near Krivoy Rog created problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the transfer of reserves downstream of the Ingulets River. Part of the Ukrainian forces ended up there in a tactical encirclement.

At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the city of Valuiki, Belgorod Region. At least one person died and several were injured. Eight houses and three cars caught fire. A hit in an electrical substation de-energized the city, deprived the inhabitants of water. Toward morning, the power supply was restored. On the eve of the day, other settlements on the Russian border were also shelled – Krasny Khutor, Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka, where a customs terminal burned down as a result of a direct hit.

The discussion of possible forms of mobilization of the Russian society continues. public offer Ramzan Kadyrov on the initiative training of volunteer fighters by each region of the Russian Federation was supported by the head of the Crimea Sergei Aksenov. About 1.2 thousand volunteers will go from the peninsula to the front. Following the governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit reported on the training of 800 people to participate in the NWO. The Communist Party proposes “mobilization of the economy, political system and resources of Russia.”

The IAEA finally issued a resolution demanding the removal of the Russian army from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. Despite the fact that there is no Russian military equipment on the territory of the Zaporizhzhya NPP itself. The shelling of the ZNPP by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was not even mentioned in the document. Our permanent mission called the document “anti-Russian”. Russia and China voted against it. India, South Africa, Pakistan, Egypt and some other countries abstained. The IAEA is acting in the style of the OSCE, which has not noticed the shelling of Donbass for eight years.

On the global front, the main events took place in Samarkand, where the SCO summit is taking place. During the meeting with Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping said that “in the face of the colossal changes of our time on a global scale, unprecedented in the history of our time,” China, together with Russia, is ready to lead the world onto a trajectory of sustainable development and maintain a multipolar world. Ukraine was not discussed. It is worth noting the beginning of Iran’s accession to the SCO and the signing of a declaration on strategic cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan.

See the details of the previous online broadcast here.

11.20 At least one person was killed and another injured in the shelling of the center of Kherson. At least 5 Himars missiles fell on the city near the administration building.

11.10 Philosopher, political scientist Alexander Duginthe father of Daria Dugina, who died from the terrorist attack organized by Kyiv, published a policy article:

“In 1991, the West was satisfied with the collapse of the USSR and our ideological capitulation, primarily by the adoption of a Western liberal ideology, political system and economy under the leadership of Western curators. Today, for the West, the red line is the existence of the most sovereign Russia – even within the borders of the Russian Federation.

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region is a direct blow from the West against Russia. Everyone knows that this offensive was organized, prepared and equipped by the military command of the United States and NATO and took place under their direct supervision. This is not only the use of NATO military equipment, but also the direct participation of Western military space intelligence, mercenaries and instructors.

In the eyes of the West, this is the beginning of “our end.” Since we have given up slack in the defense of the territories under our control in the Kharkiv region, we can be defeated further. This is not a small success of the Kyiv counter-offensive, this is the first tangible success of the Drang nach Osten of the NATO forces.

11.05 Political scientist Evgeny Nikolaev:

“The operation to recruit prisoners is really underway. But there are a number of nuances. In the propaganda sense, this is a campaign to intimidate the population loyal to Kyiv. They say the urks will come (the same orcs, only worse) and they will cut everyone out with sharpeners from arch supports.

In a practical sense, the recruitment is carried out almost exclusively in the “red” zones (zones for B / S – former employees). This is due both to the lack of time to train personnel from scratch, and purely organizational issues. B / S – these are former police officers, internal troops etc.that is, people who are prepared. For many of them, this is not only a way to get out early, but also a way to wash away the shame with blood.”

11.00 Ukraine’s counterattack was very effective, but this is not the end of the war, you need to be prepared for a long journey – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

10.55 Procedures have begun to grant Belarus membership in the SCO. Bahrain, Maldives, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Myanmar will also receive the status of a SCO dialogue partner today.

10.50 Former US Department of Defense Intelligence Officer Rebecca Koffler on the coordination of Russia and Beijing: “if individually these countries pose a huge threat to the United States, then their union only increases this danger.”

10.45 am Head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

“Ukraine does not change the manuals. Zelensky again “found” some “burials” in Izyum and claims allegedly “new victims of the Russians”. Bucha-2 or another series of productions and provocations of the fascist regime. They are already gathering the “correct” journalists and Western television cameras, ready to cover the next fabrication according to the scenario of the neo-Nazis … “We are not seeking the truth, but the effect,” said Goebbels, the ideologue of Hitler’s propaganda. His lessons are very well learned by Zelenskiy and his junta.”

10.40 The German authorities have introduced a trusteeship in the German subsidiaries of Rosneft (Rosneft Deutschland and RN Refining & Marketing). Rosneft Deutschland is one of the largest companies in Germany, uniting about 12% of oil refining capacities there.

10.35 am Head of Rossotrudnichestvo Evgeny Primakov on the consequences of the withdrawal of the Russian military from the liberated regions of Ukraine:

“Wherever the inhabitants of our cities and villages are left to be devoured by the Kyiv Nazis, wherever our army left and the boot of a Ukrainian soldier stepped on, we will be provided with Bucha and other rubbish. There are no hiccups or exceptions here. So it was, so it is. The word “will” is even sickening to think about.”

10.30 Allied forces in the Kherson region have sufficient resources to repel a new landing attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Kinburn Spit – the regional military administration.

10.25 The LPR told RIA Novosti that their intelligence revealed the arrival of regular NATO officers in the part of the Kharkov region controlled by Kyiv.

10.20 Taiwan believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words about Russia’s commitment to the “one China” principle belittle Taiwan’s sovereignty and claim that Moscow supports Beijing because China helped maintain Russia’s economic stability – a statement by the island’s foreign ministry.

10.15 A native of the Chukchi village of Egvekinot Aimir Miyagashev received the title of Hero of Russia posthumously for the heroism shown during a special operation in Ukraine. “He accomplished a real feat – he covered a grenade with his body, sacrificed himself without hesitation, saving the lives of his comrades,” wrote the head of the region. Roman Kopin.

10.10 Bastrykin instructed to open a case on the fact of the shelling of the city of Valuyki by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where a civilian died at night.

10.05 Russian-American actor, athlete and MMA fighter Jeff Monson said that his film about Donbas “Eight years before” would be ready by the end of September.

10.00 Writer, politician Zakhar Prilepin about the shelling of the city of Valuyki in the Belgorod region:

“The Ukrainian side fired 10 missiles at Valuyki. There are dead.

This is one of my favorite places in Russia, a beautiful town. At the beginning of the 17th century it was a border fortress. Yeltsin brought Russia back to the 17th century. It should be written in textbooks.

There is a war going on. On any day, a capture of a Russian settlement can occur. In the most direct sense – capture. A breakthrough – and now soldiers with a “dead head” on chevrons walk around the town, swagger and take selfies.

Please help shake our country. Please help stir up the ubiquitous “constructive dialogue” lobby.

Valuyki is the same city as Moscow. Just imagine that 10 missiles fell on Moscow and tomorrow it can be attacked and captured. Represented? Well, it’s exactly the same. Just one city on the “B” and the other on the “M”.

Let’s move Rublyovka to Valuiki. It will work.”

9.55 Head of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov:

Zelensky continues its criminal policy in Ukraine. All this can be qualified as a serious criminal offense aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian people. He will have to answer for all words and deeds. His future is only in a prison cell.”

9.50 Member of the Main Council of the Administration of the Zaporozhye Region Vladimir Rogov:

“The resolution, on the one hand, is disappointing, since we still had hope that the IAEA still has a bit of integrity and independence, on the other hand, it is proof that the organization is incapable of an objective and unbiased investigation.”

9.45 Russian Hulk is the world record holder for towing heavy equipment and power numbers Sergey Agadzhanyan For the first time in world history, the metro will try to tow an electric rolling stock weighing more than 100 tons to the maximum possible distance in Nizhny Novgorod – the head of the heroic movement “The Strongest Nation in the World” Michael Paller. An attempt to set a world record will be dedicated to servicemen taking part in a special military operation in Ukraine.

9.40 Ukrainian troops at 8.15 Moscow time fired at the Kyiv district of Donetsk, firing three shells with a caliber of 152 mm.

9.35 Joe Biden officially ordered a new $600 million military aid package for Ukraine. It includes additional munitions for the HIMARS MLRS, artillery shells, anti-artillery radars and means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles, the Pentagon explained.

9.30 Kyiv is trying to sow panic in the LPR with false reports about the “mining” of a number of institutions – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR. Reports of mining in Luhansk of the Medical University, and then the Ministry of Health of the LPR, were received by the duty department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on September 15.

9.25 Arms shipments to Ukraine could be ‘morally permissible’ if used in self-defense – Pope Francis.

9.20 The Russian Embassy in the United States on the problem of global hunger:

“Food problems are caused, first of all, by imbalances in the global economy, including systemic mistakes by the authorities of Western countries. Anti-Russian sanctions only spurred negative trends… Americans were struck by sclerosis, and they do not notice point-blank that most of the ships are unloaded in European countries (44%), and not in really needy ones – Djibouti, Yemen, Kenya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan (8 %)”.

9.10 A hospital in the city of Vasilyevka, Zaporozhye region, destroyed during shelling in the spring, began to be restored with Russian help. One of the buildings was completely destroyed. The second (where the surgical, gynecological, children’s and other departments were located), despite the broken windows and the walls pierced through with fragments of shells, continues to receive patients.

9.00 In the DPR, three people were killed and 12 injured per day due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

8.30 Speaker of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin on Poland’s demand for reparations from Russia:

“The statement of the President of Poland rehabilitates fascism, insults the memory of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of the Polish people. Correctly for supervisory authorities to study the application Andrzej Duda and take appropriate measures to bring him to justice.”

8.00 Deputy head of the regional administration Kirill Stremousov: “There are a lot of foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the Ukrainian troops concentrated in the Kherson direction, there is a lot of evidence of the presence of mercenaries who speak English and other foreign languages.”

7.00 Ukrainian troops shelled Nizhnyaya Duvanka in the LPR using a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, firing four rockets.

6.00 Ambassador of Russia to Sweden Viktor Tatarintsev: “On the part of Russia, this is a special military operation, not a war, if Russia starts a real war, then Ukraine will end very quickly.”

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