May 1, 2021
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Russian robot will be able to safely dispose of metals

Now in Russia, bulky scrap metal is processed manually. This is potentially dangerous: welders and cutters get injured and burned, suffer from toxins.

Scientists of the Perm Polytechnic Institute are creating a robot that will allow recycling accumulations of metals without harm to human health. The innovative plasma torch will help you cut materials of any configuration and recycle them even from hard-to-reach areas.

The scientists published the first results of the research in the collection of the conference “Energy.

Innovative directions in the energy sector. CALS-technologies in power engineering ”(in press). They plan to develop the development using the grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Innovations under the UMNIK program, which they received in 2020. The support amounted to 500 thousand rubles and will last 2 years.

– Recently, a lot of large-sized scrap metal has been formed: ships and vessels, aircraft and other equipment that is no longer used. The extraction and processing of metals takes time and resources, and is also a hazard to the environment. When ore is processed, many harmful substances enter the atmosphere and water. Reuse of resources will reduce damage to the environment and human health. Therefore, we decided to create a robot that can cut large structures of any shape. This will help to take them out of hard-to-reach places and prevent danger for workers, – says one of the developers, a student of the electrical engineering faculty of the Perm Polytechnic Institute Evgeny Suntsov.

Workers often suffer from lung and eye diseases, burns, suffocation, injury from falling metal, exposure to toxins and the risk of cancer, the researchers said. Now this problem is being solved with the help of protective suits and masks with oxygen cylinders. The development of Perm Polytechnic scientists will allow welders and carvers to become robot operators.

– Our device is based on an innovative plasma torch, which was developed by scientists from the Welding Department of the Perm Polytechnic Institute. The robot will be equipped with a moving platform, a remote control and feedback control system with photography, a power source, a cooling unit and a gas supply system. The operator will be able to control it using a remote control or smartphone. The feedback system will allow you to adjust the speed of movement of the device over the terrain, and the pyrometer will allow it to automatically adjust to the width of the metal surface. This will help to avoid melting and uneven cutting of the metal, – explains the developer.

Unlike analogs, the Perm development will be able to provide a higher quality of metal cutting. Automation will speed up processes by 30-40%. The working radius will increase by 200–300%, and the metal thickness will reach 10 cm. The robot will be able to cut a wide range of materials: ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, refractory and heat-resistant steels. Now their processing is a complex and expensive process.

According to scientists, the development will be of interest to enterprises of the processing and metallurgical industries.

Dmitry Stepnov


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