Dec 29, 2020
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Russian regions to receive 2.3 trillion rubles for medical care in 2021

During the briefing, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova said that the Russian regions will receive 2.3 trillion rubles to finance the health care system.

Regions will receive 2.3 trillion rubles just to pay for medical care provided in 2021, – quotes Deputy Prime Minister of TASS.

This amount does not include funds that will be directed to the construction and reconstruction of regional medical organizations and to national projects.

Golikova also said that in 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers increased funding for the healthcare system by more than 500 billion rubles. 47.5 billion rubles were spent on the development of the compulsory health insurance system. Golikova noted that the government in its work was guided by the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has created a maximum burden on health care institutions.

Earlier, Golikova said that the timely closure of borders and the preparation of the health care system allowed the Russian Federation to more calmly take the blow of the pandemic, reported. According to her, it took 2-2.5 months from the moment of receiving information about COVID-19 and before the start of the pandemic. This time was enough to prepare better than in many other countries.

As of December 28, doctors have identified 27,787 cases of COVID-19 in the Russian Federation over the past day in 84 regions. The total number of cases during the entire time of the pandemic reached 3,078,035. 20,480 patients recovered per day, the total number of recovered is 2,471,309 citizens. In addition, the number of people who died from COVID-19 in the country over the past day has increased by 487. In total, 55,265 citizens have died from the disease in the Russian Federation.

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