Nov 5, 2021
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Russian plans to develop AI weapons worries Pentagon – NI

Vladimir Putin’s words about Russia’s plans to actively develop weapons using artificial intelligence technologies are alarming the Pentagon. This was stated by Picher Suciu in an article for the National Interest.

He believes that Russia’s progress in the field of precision weapons, drones, suppression of enemy communications can greatly harm the interests of the United States. Suchiu stressed that about 150 military systems with AI are being developed in Russia.

The author of the article also added that cooperation between the Russian Federation and China in the field of high technologies poses a particular danger to America. Bilateral relations between countries could spread the use of AI in weapons, he said.

“Along with Russia’s hypersonic weapons and China’s growing navy, this is a threat that the United States and its allies must take seriously,” Suchiu concluded.

Recall that during a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that AI technologies should be actively used in command and control systems, communications and data transmission. In his opinion, this will lead to a qualitative breakthrough while increasing the combat characteristics of weapons.

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