May 2, 2021
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Russian pilot faced American cynicism and arrogance

Currently, billions of dollars are spent annually on improving fighters. Modern combat vehicles are becoming more unique and more complex, and in part even independent of the pilot.

In the near future, the artificial intelligence of fighters will be able to independently make decisions. And of course the skill of pilots and one-on-one air combat, all this will become a thing of the past.

However, many questions remain on this topic. And perhaps one of the most important is that if now the pilot, who is currently more dominant over the artificial intelligence of a fighter when making a decision and can assess what the consequences will be if a real battle begins in the sky, then will artificial intelligence make the right choice.

In one of the interviews, the chief test pilot of Sukhoi aircraft, Sergey Bogdan, who was entrusted with the first to fly the latest innovations, said that today the Su-35S, like the Su-57, meets all the basic requirements of a highly maneuverable 5th generation aircraft. And now they can fly without looking into the cockpit.

Such a design approach to the control of modern Russian fighters allows continuous monitoring of the target.

That is, there is no need when piloting to be distracted by taking readings of altitude, speed, angle of attack, overload, etc. Of course, this greatly simplifies piloting a combat vehicle.

Bogdan Sergey Leonidovich – test pilot of JSC “OKB Sukhoi”

It is worth noting that the Su-35 is very similar in appearance to the Su-27. However, unlike the Su-27, it has the same onboard equipment as the Su-57. But the main highlight of the Su-35S is, of course, the new AL-41F1S engines with an all-aspect variable thrust vector, says Sergey Bogdan

He also noted that the new AL-41F1S engines allow the Su-35S to maneuver in all ranges, while the pilot can lose speed down to zero, while the aircraft remains controllable. And without any problems, you can “turn” at this speed without losing control over the machine.

This is the main advantage of the Su-35S and Su-57 over other aircraft, including Western models. That is, Western aircraft that do not have a controlled thrust vector, when meeting with the Su-35S and Su-57 in an air battle, will simply be forced to withdraw from the air battle in all possible ways, since they will initially be the loser.

And the Su-27 is still a very relevant machine, especially if we recall the case when the Major General of Russia, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation and the commander of the Lipetsk Aviation Center from 1997 to 2015. Aleskandr Kharchevsky told reporters that at the very first meeting in the late 90s of Russian pilots with American pilots at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, everything became clear about their publicized combat training.

Hero of Russia, pilot of the highest class Aleskandr Kharchevsky. Photo source

Kharchevsky said: “Their combat training on the F-15 and F-16 fighters and on our MiG-29 and Su-27 planes was already very different then. They followed the path of long-range air combat and for some reason limited themselves to this.

That is, it turns out even then on their planes, which were created to gain air superiority, they did not intend to engage in close air combat. These conclusions were made by us after we conducted the first friendly air battle with them. “

Let me remind you that Alexander Kharchevsky, a top-class pilot and former commander of the Falcons of Russia aerobatic team, took part in a unique experiment in the 90s, where Russian and American pilots had to demonstrate their own skills and combat capabilities of their aircraft in air combat.

During a friendly visit to the United States, our pilots persuaded American pilots to conduct a training air battle in front of thousands of spectators, moreover, right above the airfield of the air base. However, the US Air Force command flatly refused.

Aleskandr Kharchevsky recalled: “The command immediately refused to conduct an air battle over the airfield. However, they agreed to hold it over the sea. We looked at each other – over the sea, so over the sea.

In the rear cockpit of the Su-27, the commander of the US Air Force base, General Macleod, was sitting with me, and our military attaché, who was also a combat pilot, was put in the F-15 cockpit with me. This was done more for the objectivity of the assessment of the battle.

Also, the third plane took off with us, from which the shooting took place, in order to capture the complete picture. As a result, we carried out 2 air battles and the American pilot lost both battles ”.

It is worth noting that Alekandr Kharchevsky, with each attempt to attack from the F-15, managed to dodge and take a position in the tail of the American fighter. However, only direct witnesses of this event knew about the real results of the duel between the Russian and the American pilot.

Of course, the proof of the victory of the Russian Sushka was also the video from the camera of the American plane, which, for some far-fetched reason, the American side refused to provide to the press.

Alekandr Kharchevsky recalled this moment as follows: “The first who met us on earth were the press, journalists immediately asked how the battle went and who won. And then I first encountered American arrogance, cynicism and arrogance when I heard from General MacLound – “About equal.”

This is the first thing that surprised me a lot. But we did not say anything more to the press on this topic, as we understood that we were present as guests. But they themselves were amazed at such an unprincipled attitude towards themselves.

And we decided not to stop there. The next flight was performed by Georgy Karabasov, who also defeated the F-16 in two training battles. But for some reason, the result of the American command remained the same – NOTHING. Since then, the Americans have never agreed to this again, although we no longer saw the point in it. “

Apparently even then, the command of the US Air Force decided that there was no need for American pilots to fight an equal enemy. And indeed – “why?”. Indeed, in all the recent conflicts that were unleashed by the United States, they acted without meeting virtually no resistance.

Among the Anglo-Saxons, the concept of truth corresponds to our word bullshit. Managed to deceive – you are handsome. This is what their vile civilization is built on. And the United States itself is a collection of human filth that sailed on Mayflower.

Alexey Kravtsov

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