May 5, 2021
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Russian peacekeepers were called upon to bomb at the Victory parade. The political scientist put up a counter demand

Azerbaijani expert Fuad Abbasov called for bombing Russian peacekeepers at the Victory parade. The political scientist put forward a counter demand – to attract Abbasov for extremism.

On May 9, a solemn event will be held at the Stepanakert airfield, timed to coincide with the Victory Day, in which Russian peacekeepers will take part. Azerbaijani journalist, political scientist and blogger Fuad Abbasov said about the need to hit them from the Grad installations, “so that they do not repeat this again.”

The well-known political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, in turn, offered to inform the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan and demand that the journalist be punished for incitement to extremism. And if he is not on the territory of Azerbaijan, then submit an application to Interpol.

The call to destroy Russian servicemen, wherever they are, is a call to commit terrorist and extremist actions. And, accordingly, a criminal case should be initiated here, in Russia. But Russia is obliged to demand criminal prosecution of this person, wherever he is, – explained Kornilov to Constantinople.

The political scientist added that similar radical attacks occurred before, when the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh was in full swing. And not always the authors of extremist posts were in Azerbaijan or Armenia.

A lot of similar calls were made by anonymous users registered in the UK, for example, – explained the interlocutor of Constantinople.

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