Sep 21, 2020
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Russian military helps residents of Palmyra to improve post-war life

The Russian military from the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties continue to help Syrian citizens to improve their post-war life, the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda writes.

Currently, in 345 settlements in ten provinces, work is underway to restore and repair 2,695 residential buildings, 224 schools, 177 preschool and 242 medical institutions, 210 bakeries, 202 electrical substations and 283 water pumping stations.

The restoration of social infrastructure, schools and hospitals in the province of Homs, including the city of Palmyra, is underway. As the head teacher of one of the Palmyra schools, Satar al-Kayen, noted, now there are 250 children in the first stage (up to the sixth grade), and 50 children in the second (up to the ninth grade). But the number of students will increase as residents return to Palmyra.

Residents of the city continue to establish a peaceful life and eliminate the devastation left by terrorists and looters. As a rule, only the walls survived in the houses visited by the militants.

Contractor companies are involved in the restoration of the housing stock. For example, the director of one of such companies Zivar Ruslan said that his workers are doing repairs in their houses so that people can return. It is planned to be completed in two months. The company also delivered barrels of water to the city.

Note that since July 2018, 972 educational and 241 medical institutions have been restored in the Syrian provinces affected by the war, six road bridges and 1565 km of highways have been repaired, about 1355 km of power lines have been laid, and 199 water supply facilities have been commissioned. , 320 bakeries, 790 electrical substations and three gas stations.

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