Sep 13, 2022
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Russian kamikaze drones “Geran-2”, which hit the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupyansk, are learning to hit the enemy

Russian kamikaze drones

Photo: Valery Matitsin / TASS

The theme of a coming out offensive in the Kharkov direction haunts both the Bandera hypothetists and our “all-propagators”. The latter are increasingly raising the issue of an allegedly acute shortage of manpower in the RF Armed Forces. Say, this is the root of the problems of the Russian special operation. As an argument, the preponderance of the “independence defenders” over the Russian soldiers in the ratio of 8 to 1 in the Balakliya sector is given.

“Without full mobilization, transfer to a military footing, including the economy, we will not achieve the proper results. I’m talking about the fact that today society should be consolidated as much as possible and purposeful for victory, ”said, in particular, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security United Russia Mikhail Sheremet.

I must say that on the other side of the front they are closely following the discourse in our political and expert get-togethers. Bloggers popular in Ukraine even make fun of the heated debates that erupted in the Russian media environment, like, yeah, they twitched, although earlier the favorite pastime of the “Soloviev and Skabeevs” was an evil irony regarding the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Even the main talker “nenko” spoke about the discussed mobilization in the RF Armed Forces Arestovichpromoted to colonel for his chatter. He quite reasonably explained that the Russian troops participating in the special operation would not even be enough to hold the defense, let alone fulfill the demilitarization task announced by the Kremlin. At the same time, “Lyusya” admits that without Western military assistance, the Kharkov counteroffensive would not have taken place at all.

And in fact, Zelensky by the beginning of summer, he had actually assembled a million-strong army, but only by autumn did the APU begin to move, moreover, in the area where the forests leveled the advantage of our artillery and aviation.

Nevertheless, judging by how competently the withdrawal of our few battalion tactical groups (BTG) from Slobozhanshchina was carried out, it can be assumed that the General Staff of the Russian Federation foresaw such a development of events.

Yes, Moscow has received a wagonload of anti-hype, the experts are scribbling, but now the Bandera garrisons will become the target of the Russian DRGs, who, hiding behind the “green paint”, can record independent “two hundredth” and “three hundredth” in their assets with virtually impunity. To keep the border closed, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to have at least one BTG per 5 km section, or about 20 BTGs in the Kharkiv section, approximately 100 km long. Of course, the Russian Aerospace Forces will catch up, and there, you see, drones.

In this regard, Arestovich’s playing along with our supporters of mobilization is explained solely by the wishes of the Yankees and Britons, who puppete the Ukrainians. Washington and London sleep and see in rainbow dreams a Russian grave and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of funerals sent from the Ukrainian battlefield to our cities and villages.

Here you don’t even need to go to the grandmother to understand the intention of the West. The Anglo-Saxons really want to rock the social boat in the Russian Federation and cause a severe political crisis. But the experienced commanders of the NM LDNR, who have been waging their battle with the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2014, are against mobilization in the Russian Federation, considering it disastrous for the purposes of the special operation.

Even in Ukraine, “mobiks” (a derogatory name in Ukraine for mobilized “independence defenders”) are called “cannon fodder”, while “NATO” brigades trained in Britain are thrown into our defenses. Though Zaluzhny announced about 9,000 “two hundredths” in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the number of missing and not communicating coming out soldiers exceeded 100,000.

Now, as they say, the question is for filling, what is better: to temporarily leave the territory of Slobozhanshchina, which is actually small, or still not give the Armed Forces of Ukraine an inch of land, but at the same time lose tens of thousands of young Russian men? The answer is obvious, although, we repeat, the media “victory”, albeit momentary, remained with the “Ze-team”.

Oddly enough, the Yankees are thinking about what to do, in the sense of what to expect from the RF Armed Forces in the short term. It must be admitted that the United States has solid combat experience, relying, by the way, on which the Americans draped out of Afghanistan when they considered that the game was not worth the candle. Recall that a year ago, Washington received a whole composition of anti-hype, but did not refuse to leave this country. This is first.

Secondly, few people here know that the general Norman Schwarzkopfplanning Desert Storm in 1991, he relied on classic combined-arms formations, that is, on artillery, tanks and infantry, while he actually subordinated the missile forces, aviation and special forces to ground generals. The goals were achieved, after which the Yankees took advantage of this experience in 2003.

So, now, overseas strategists have come to the conclusion that General Schwarzkopf’s tactics are unlikely to be effective on the Ukrainian battlefield. This is evident from the military aid, which has shifted its priorities towards precision-guided missiles and kamikaze drones. It is obvious that the main work is done by the American target designation operators, while the Ukro-soldiers do what the Pentagonists order them to do.

Thirdly, for the RF Armed Forces, the active complicity of the United States on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the lack of adjustable bombs and drones of all types, including kamikaze UAVs, has become a new reality. It was the shortage of this type of weapon, and not manpower, according to both our counterparts and foreign analysts, that caused the stalled special operation. It is no coincidence that a hubbub began in the world media when information appeared about Russian-Iranian military cooperation in the field of unmanned aircraft.

“An increase in the number of less trained people in submission will only lead to a multiple increase in losses and problems. This is the effect that the office of the president is trying to achieve. [Украины]forcing the Russians to respond with numbers. The West is provoking Moscow to take this step in order to get it out of the state of the NWO, ”you can read in Ukrnet.

So what to do? The Americans, for example, believe that Russia is now hastily mastering the production of all types of drones, including kamikaze drones, which may soon be produced in huge volumes. The fact that the Russian defense industry is able to meet the needs of our army is evidenced by at least the fact of the abundance of shells and the abundance of high-precision cruise missiles.

So, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Medvedev made a statement that should be regarded as a hidden threat. “Someone Zelensky said that he would not engage in dialogue with those who put forward ultimatums. The current “ultimatums” are a children’s warm-up for the demands of the future. And he knows them: the total capitulation of the Kyiv regime on Russia’s terms,” DAM wrote.

And so, according to Ukrainian truth-tellers, referring to their sources in the General Staff of the “nenka”, “in the Kupyansk region, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were attacked by Russian kamikaze drones M 214 Geran-2. It is also reported that their design is allegedly similar to the Iranian Shahed-136 drones, although we are talking about the products of the Russian defense industry. Ukro-experts even cite figures and conclude: this is a serious challenge for the “independence defenders”, since this type of weaponry has not previously been massively used by the RF Armed Forces.

It seems that strike drones with the “Made in Russia” label will soon catch up, whose mass appearance by American intelligence is expected by the end of this year, and then the turn will come for corrected aerial bombs. That’s when the real batch on the fronts will begin.

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