Jun 30, 2020
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Russian hypersonic dagger rockets revealed from space

Hypersonic dagger rockets created in Russia were recorded from space. Photos taken at the end of last year. Access to photographic materials is open on the Google Internet resource, in the Google Maps section.

Russian hypersonic dagger rockets revealed from space

The aviation missile system developed in the Russian Federation is of great interest in the world. The existence of a new strike system was reported less than a year ago. The real capabilities of domestic missiles have not yet been disclosed. The carrier is a MiG-31 fighter. Hypersonic rockets X-47M2 taken from the orbiting satellite. In the pictures you can see the Russian "Daggers" located at the military airbase in the city of Akhtubinsk.
Experts note that we are talking about X-47M2 missiles, this is confirmed by the shape of the devices and their dimensions. Hypersonic rockets are in the open.
The pictures presented on the resource Google Maps indicate that the products are here for a long time. Domestic missiles are capable of speeds up to 12.25 thousand km / h.

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