Oct 7, 2021
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Russian hackers stole sensitive US counterintelligence data – media

Hackers have stolen information about American policy towards Russia and US counterintelligence investigations, media reported.

During the SolarWinds hack, Russian hackers stole US counterintelligence data and information about the US sanctions policy towards Russia. Writes about this Reuters, citing sources.

This is a large-scale cyberattack on American companies and government agencies using software from SolarWinds. Hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the system and stole huge amounts of data. The US State Department immediately blamed Russia for the incident.

Suspected Russian hackers … have obtained information about counterintelligence investigations, the policy of sanctions against Russian individuals, and countering COVID-19 in the United States,

– the news agency reports, citing sources associated with the investigation.

Recall that in the end, no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the grandiose failure of the US cybersecurity system was presented. However, this did not stop the United States from pouring accusations against Russia.

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