Aug 29, 2021
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Russian footballer dies after collision with an opponent during a match

Russian footballer of the Krasnaya Zvezda club from the city of Sovetsk, Alexander Shishmarev, died after a collision with an opponent during a training match with Kaliningrad’s Baltika-M. Baza reports about it in its Telegram channel.

It is specified that the 23-year-old Shishmarev lost consciousness after the collision. The arriving doctors tried to revive him for an hour, but in the end it was not possible to save the goalkeeper.

On April 4, it was reported that the football player of the youth team of the Professional Football League (PFL) club Znamya Truda died during the match. The athlete died during the meeting, without waiting for the help of doctors.

In September 2018, it became known about the death of the 13-year-old goalkeeper of the Dutch football team Gelders Heerenberg. The boy lost consciousness after a collision with an opponent, his heartbeat and breathing immediately slowed down, the doctors could not save him.

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