Apr 9, 2021
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Russian film “Tell her” entered the program of the SIFF film festival in Seattle

Alexander Molochnikov’s canvas will become the only Russian film presented at the festival.

Russian film

The painting “Talk to her” depicts the director’s autobiographical story and tells about how the house is collapsing, and the boy Sasha becomes a bargaining chip for his parents. The brainchild was torn to pieces between the batey and his mother, and later, together with his mother, left for the USA to her new American husband.

In the description of the picture, it is noted that often parents decide for their children to the detriment of their true interests. The brainchild agrees, fearing to cause pain, but in the future, everyone will equally make their own choice. And then the parents from his decision will be much more painful.

The film will be released in Russian on May 13.

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