Apr 19, 2021
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Russian film “Bring My Hands Back” included in the program of the PIFF festival

The documentary tells about the Krasnoyarsk microsurgeon Vadim Keosyan.

Russian film

The film was directed by Konstantin Selin. The picture burst into the program of the PIFF Self-Powered Film Festival in Philadelphia. Asmik Movsisyan, the director general of the production focus of the Gorky Film Studio, noted, the film about a microsurgeon is unusually vital in today’s times, when the work of doctors is in plain sight. People have become more interested in the work of doctors and more appreciate their efforts.

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“The picture will certainly appear to the audience not only in the United States, but also in other countries of the world,” added the director general of the production focus.

The documentary film tells about the Krasnoyarsk microsurgeon, doctor of the Russian Federation, Vadim Keosyan, and shows the general plan of modern Russian medicine. In addition, the film reproduces the original story of a particular person who rushed into the hospital after a bitter incident.

Note that the schedule of 100 films from the whole world is selected for the American PIFF festival every year.

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