Jun 29, 2021
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Russian fighters "with bombs" few hours "scoffed" over a Dutch frigate near the Crimea

The Netherlands accused the Russians that their fighters “with bombs” for several hours “mocked” the Dutch frigate Evertsen near the Crimean coast.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense reported that Russian aircraft annoyed the Evertsen crew from 15.30 to 20.30 local time. They allegedly performed dangerous maneuvers and, probably, used electronic warfare.

They flew dangerously low and close, performing mock attacks. The fighters were armed with bombs and air-to-ground missiles. After several hours of intimidation, there were interruptions to Evertsen’s electronic equipment, the report said.

After the maneuvers of Russian aircraft, the Dutch ship immediately changed course.

The ship’s captain, George Pastour, said the frigate was in “international waters” and gave no reason for “aggressive action.” Dutch Defense Minister Anna “Ankh” Beyleveld-Schouten called Russia’s actions “irresponsible” and stressed that the ship “had every right to sail there.”

Note that this is not the first time that Russian planes have driven foreign warships away from Crimea. On June 23, the Su-24 carried out warning bombing along the course of the British destroyer Defender. NATO countries justify their campaigns near Crimea, where Russian territorial waters stretch, by not recognizing Russian sovereignty over the peninsula.

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