May 2, 2022
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Russian feminists are turning into an extremist movement

What is Feminist Anti-War Resistance and what is it for in Russia today?

Feminism has gone from defending women’s rights to turning females into members of a terrorist organization. A group called the Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAS), which, according to its leadership, appeared the day after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, created a manifesto in which it was announced: “Feminists Today one of the few active political forces in Russia. For a long time, the authorities did not perceive us as a political movement, and therefore we were temporarily less affected by repression than others. More than 45 feminist groups operate throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We call on feminist groups and individual feminists to join the Feminist Anti-War Resistance and join forces against the war and the government that started it.”.

The Manifesto has been translated into almost three dozen languages, although the FAS activities, as stated, should cover the territory of the Russian Federation (“from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok”). And most importantly, as always, to attract the attention of sponsors rather than compatriots and like-minded people. And where is feminism’s main sponsor? Abroad! In Russia, the fight against the Russian government is sponsored reluctantly. This is what Russian feminism is appealing to the collective West.

An English translation of the manifesto was immediately published in an American magazine. Jacobinafter which it was signed by one and a half hundred feminists. The appearance of the FAS was especially welcomed by half a dozen actresses, Trotskyists, feminists and other public figures in the Western Hemisphere. Ladies from Brazil and Nicaragua delved into Russian politics and thoroughly studied Russian history of both past centuries and the twenty-first century. Their opinion about the relationship between Russia and Ukraine can be trusted.

However, the fact that the Feminist Anti-War Resistance came into existence so rapidly, certainly proves that everything was prepared. Daria Serenko, head of the FAS, and earlier with the money of the fund of Heinrich Böll banned in Russia (fund seems to support the “green political movement”, but in Russia it mainly patronizes the LGBT agenda) promoted “politically active forces” that no one noticed. Now Serenko has finally found herself: she is doing what a man does in a besieged fortress, opening the gates to the enemy.

So far, the activities of the FAS are rather modest. The resistance began to organize “silent pickets”: activists demonstrate anti-war slogans or small posters on clothes and bags. Or they arrange a protest of couriers (the chairman of the Kurier trade union, Kirill Ukraintsev, was sent to a pre-trial detention center for “repeatedly violating the procedure for holding public events”); spread disinformation, or rather, slander against the Russian army in social networks (Maria Ponomarenko was sent to a pre-trial detention center for 2 months for publishing a post about the dead civilians of Mariupol); they launch fakes “from Belarusian human rights activists” and it is not known from anyone else (“Russian troops stationed in Belarus raped at least four women! girls have nowhere to get help!”); they call for sending a stream of official appeals demanding guarantees that conscripts will not be sent to Ukraine; publish their anti-Russian appeals in the form of leaflets of the LizaAlert Society for the Search for Missing People (“this way our flyers will hang longer”) … And, finally, they start quite anecdotal actions like the May Day feeding of pigeons (“if there are no street birds in your city, then you can still scatter millet and look for each other on it, like Hansel and Gretel”).

What is this all for? To “civil servants felt every day that the war and its consequences caused discontent of thousands of citizens”. Frankly absurd actions, worthy of perhaps such great minds as Liz Truss or Jane Psaki, do not seem to be worthy of payment with the money of Western NGOs. Nevertheless, the West pays. The West assures FASovok that the Russian economy is exhausted by the war and sanctions, a little more – and the war will no longer be waged. Therefore, former feminists (now femfascists) repeat after their mentors, all the resources of Russia are now being redistributed in favor of the war: taxes, fines for rallies and protests, any profit. It is necessary not to pay fines, to attack civil services with requests. Throw millet at pigeons, interfere with social events. You can carry out performances on the verge of vandalism, smeared with paint and smeared everything around. It is important to influence the undermining of the military budget in different ways. For example, collecting collections of … dreams about the President of Russia.

It is not known what else foreign funds are ready to pay for, if even women’s dreams before dinner seem subversive to them. What is characteristic, however, is that in Russia the FAS did not reach such a scale as Walpurgis Night in Berlin, when an attempt by feminists to turn a demonstration on the night of May 1 into a Sabbath was suppressed by the Berlin police, reports Berliner Zeitung. In Berlin under the slogans Bring back the night (Take back the night) and For the destruction of patriarchy (For the destruction of the patriarchy) two and a half thousand feminists and lesbians marched through the Berlin residential area of ​​Breslauer Berg, burned pyrotechnics, smashed car windows, threw bags of paint at shop windows. It certainly was not a quiet picket.

I suspect that Walpurgis Nights will become the dream of the representatives of the FAS. In the Russian Federation, they never interfered with feminism, but they did not provide this movement with special support, they simply put it on a par with other “needy”. The Ministry of Culture had nothing to offer in return for all these feminist and LGBT events. So that fashionable youth media write about it, so that the audience is young and groovy, and the event is dynamic. Have fun? Now you have to pay. For starters, the fact that 45 groups of the newly formed Resistance operate throughout Russia. With the money, if you remember, Western NGOs. And it is still unknown which of these PACKAGES will be grown ….

Dreamers of a special kind intend to destroy “the solid old order to turn ‘can do it again’ into ‘never again'”. Is everything clear here?

Ridiculous initiatives to feed the already well-fed urban pigeons may well develop from a quiet picket into loud outrages with Walpurgis Night in Berlin. Feminism, alas, has long degraded from a human rights movement to a destructive one. And now it is on the verge of becoming an extremist movement.

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